Simple And Amazing Coconut And Coffee Scrub To Get Rid Of Your...

Simple And Amazing Coconut And Coffee Scrub To Get Rid Of Your Cellulite Instantly!

featuredAre you ashamed of cellulite formation on your back or thighs? Many women, be it teenagers or mid aged, encounter this problem and are really worried. Cellulite is the fats that push the connective tissues of the skin, causing the dimpling formation in the skin. There are various factors that cause the formation of cellulite like poor diet, weight gain, excessive drinking, lifestyle, irregular exercise, hormonal imbalance, drug intake, ageing, medications, toxins in the body, smoking, genetic problem or health problems.

Most of these problems are common in men and women but there are many procedures to overcome this problem. Naturally by in-taking a healthy diet, water and by regularly exercising you can always avoid their formation. But in case they still don’t disappear, there are also various home remedies through which you may overcome them. They are time taking processes, but the cure is for long term.

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Dry Brushing:

image-1Dry brushing on the skin opens up all the pores of the skin and can be done twice daily. Just before bathing, use the brush on your dry skin where the cellulites are formed. There is a trick to use the brush. If you are brushing on your thighs or back, brush it upwards toward the direction of heart in long sweeps. Brushing on any of the body part should always be towards the heart. This will increase the blood flow and tightens up your skin. Remember, never brush roughly nor scrub your skin, this will irritate and bring burning sensation to your skin. The bristles of the brush should be stiff and semi firm and not made out of synthetic. Brushing releases toxins and regulates digestion and functions the kidney properly. Dead skin cells would be brushed away and new healthy skin cells would be formed.

Coffee and Coconut Oil Scrub:

image-2Coffee scrub massage exfoliates the skin and also stimulates blood flow and tightens the loose skin as well. Coffee scrub plays a major role in removing the unwanted body cellulites. All that you have to do is to take 1/4th cup of coffee grounds, 2-3 tablespoons of warm coconut oil and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Mix these ingredients properly to make a paste out of it. Remember, warm oil is essential because if the paste cools down, it will become hard.

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Take a lukewarm shower and clean the problem area properly. After this, switch off the shower and massage the paste in circular motion using firm hands. After massaging for 3-4 minutes, rinse and remove all the coffee particles using lukewarm water. Pat dry and moisturize the affected area properly. This is a short term cure, so repeat the entire process twice or thrice weekly. The water retention will reduce and your skin will tighten, making it healthy. In a few weeks results will start showing.

Coconut Oil and Dry Brushing:

image-3Coconut Oil nourishes the skin, and when used along with dry brushing your body removes excess toxins, regularise the blood flow in the affected areas and keeps your lymphatic system moving properly. Take an unrefined coconut oil and apply it to your affected areas. Then take a dry stiff and semi firm bristle brush and massage it toward the direction of heart in long sweeps, for at least 10 minutes. Always remember, brushing on any of the body part should always be towards the heart. This will increase the blood flow and tightens up your skin. In a month’s time, you would notice a huge reduction of cellulites.

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Coffee Grounds, Olive Oil and Glycerin:

image-4The higher the amount of toxins present in your body, the worse the cellulites look. Antioxidants in coffee help you to liberate any free radicals, regularise your blood flow and circulation and tightening up your skin. The treatment is very easy and all ingredients are easily available. Make a smooth paste by mixing ½ cup of grounded coffee, 1 teaspoon each of sugar and glycerine, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 teaspoons of Vitamin E rich oil.

Before applying this paste/scrub, take a warm shower so that all the pores of the skin open up. Apply this combined mixture only on the cellulite areas and scrub it with hard hands. After 5 minutes of scrubbing, wrap the areas where the scrubbing is done, with a plastic wrap and leave it for 10 minutes. Take out the plastic wrap and wash the particular areas with water only. Tap dry and apply moisturiser. Because of rash scrubbing, those areas would become red, but after the burning sensation goes off you would notice a smooth skin and gradually the cellulites will start vanishing. Upon using this formula, you should start with some healthy diet process and regularise your exercising habits if you actually desire to stay cellulite free.

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Consumption of coconut Oil:

image-5If you consume coconut oil daily you would never suffer from cellulite problem ever in your life. Coconut oil burns down the calories and makes your body more energetic. Your metabolism rate increases and it also flushes out unwanted toxins and accumulated fats, thus reducing cellulites from the body. Simply take in 2-3 tablespoons of edible coconut oil just before your exercise so that your body fat burns at a faster level. This will increase the blood flow and tighten up your loose skin.

Coconut Oil with Other Essential Oils:

image-6The citrus rich essential oils help in detoxification and dissolving the fats tissues of the body. This treatment is very effective and simple. You have to take essential oils such as grapefruit, orange, tangerine and lemon oils and combine it with organic coconut oil for preparing a strong and effective massage mix. Take equal quantities of all oils depending on the area to be massaged. You just have to massage for 5 minutes on your affected areas before and after hot shower. Remember, never to step out in the directly after massaging as your skin might darken, making a tan like patch. In 4-5 weeks, you would find a vast difference on the reduction of cellulites and this process will increase the blood flow and tighten up your loose skin.

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Full Body Scrub:

image-7For full body scrub, you require ½ cup each of coffee grounds and coconut palm sugar, 1/4th cup of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Combine these four ingredients properly and your scrub is ready to use. Remember, the coconut oil should be warm so that the scrub does not become hard. Your may make the mixture in bulk and store it in a air tight jar for further use. Apply the scrub on your full body and scrub for few minutes and take a warm bath after that. On its first use itself, your skin would start looking healthy. All the unwanted oils from your body would be removed and your skin would look faultless. Dead skin would be scrubbed away a new smooth and even skin would come into picture. Your entire body skin would become perfect in a few weeks of its application.

These were some of the suggested tips to get rid of your ugly dimpling and make your body skin flawless. Your regular exercise and healthy diet would help you even move to get rid of these cellulites. Once your blood flow is regularized, your skin will become to tighten and make it healthy looking. We all desire to look perfect from all angles of our body, so make use of these tricks seriously and become a perfect looking man or woman.

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