Discover 15 Ways How Smoking Is Ruining Your Appearance

Discover 15 Ways How Smoking Is Ruining Your Appearance

y (Custom)Smoking is very harmful and injurious to the skin as well as your health.  More than anything else your skin gets affected very badly and you will often get a ravaged complexion. Therefore it is of sheer importance for women to quit smoking at the earliest.

If you are thinking of finding a safe way to smoke, trust me there isn’t any such way! Despite replacing your cigarette with a cigar, hookah or a pipe, the complexities and risk does not reduce.

Smoking not only causes harmful and no curable diseases like cancer, tumor, lung infection etc, it damages and ruins your skin, looks, and other body features. Let’s see the various risks you will come across if you don’t quit smoking-

What are the risks of smoking?

Dark Circles


Every woman wants to look ravishing and gorgeous, but what if there are dark circles under your eyes or most importantly your eyes look saggy? It can ruin your entire appearance and no matter how much concealer you apply, it is impossible to hide the bags.

The best solution is to quit smoking. This will not only reduce the dark circles but also make your eyes look fresher and bright.

Firm Skin

Firm and tight skin is the definition for elegance. Smoking can make your skin droopy, and make it loose its elasticity. It also destroys the level of estrogen which helps in keeping your skin firm.


This is a skin disease which can occur even if you do not smoke. But many researchers have revealed that a person who smokes increases the chance of commuting the disease to nearly about 40% compared to those who don’t smoke.

Yellow teeth and bad breath

Don’t you dream of bright and glittering crystal clear white teeth? Well, Smoking not only discolors your teeth, but spoils and ruins your breath, and damages your nails also. The nicotine is responsible for staining your teeth to a pale yellowish making you look unpresentable and making you feel conscious to give that million dollar smile.

Premature ageing


Smoking not only ruins your skin, but also has a bad mark on your complexion. It accelerates the chances of growing wrinkles as well as makes your skin lifeless, uneven and dull. It is believed by many that smoking makes you look 1.5 years older than you actually are.

Yellow Fingers and Nails

princ_rm_photo_of_toenail_fungusSmoking definitely stains your teeth, but along with it, it also makes your nails and fingers pale and yellowish. You might find lots of remedies to remove these stains, like rubbing it off with a steel scrubber, applying lemon or other homemade ingredients but the best method is to quit smoking only. Why to bother with soo many remedies when the solution is so simple already.

Thinner hair

hair-combingNewA study has revealed that baldness is a very common symptom of smoking. Smoking releases toxic chemicals which affects and damages the DNA in your hair follicle thus leading to damaged and broken hair. Damaged hair becomes rough and dry therefore breaking very easily with even light pressure.


Scarring or marks is a very common problem amongst smokers. It causes vasoconstriction which leads to the narrowing and the thinning of the blood vessels. This thinning leads to lesser supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. Due to this, you will take double the time to heal and will have more scarring than normal people do.


Another phenomenon risk of smoking a cigarette is loss of appetite. Smoking not only reduces your appetite but also triggers the insulin in your body. This can trigger type 2 Diabetes and increase the risk further. Apart from digestion, you increase the risk of being affected with various mouth diseases related to smoking like cancer, mouth ulcers, kidney cancer etc.

Tooth Loss

Smoking confronts you with other dental problems also. It increases the risk of developing oral problem, gum disease, mouth ulcer, gum cancer etc. in a certain research, it was observed that the people who smoke are 8 times more susceptible to gum infection than the people who do not smoke. This gum disease further results in tooth loss as well.

Loss of natural Glow

Smoking a cigarette releases carbon monoxide which removes the oxygen in your skin making it look dull and under nourished and the nicotine present in the cigarettes reduces the blood flow thus making your skin dull, dry and discolored. Smoking causes a very negative impact on your skin the way it looks making you seem out of life, dull and old.

Wounds take time to heal

quit-smokingSmoking also reduces your ability to heal faster. If normally you took two days to heal a wound, a smoker will take min 10 days or more for the same. Therefore if you are planning to undergo a face lift, cosmetic surgery, tooth extraction or any other kind of treatment which leaves a temp wound, think twice. Because if you are a smoker your wound will take more than double the time to heal and on top of that it won’t be an easy process.


A wart is a skin infection which is generally caused by sexually transmission like HPV, sex etc but it is observed that smoking is also one of the causes of getting affected by warts. According to a recent study, it was observed that women who smoke are 5 times more susceptible to the chance of infecting with warts compared to the non smokers.

Skin cancer

In 2001 a study revealed that smokers are more affected by the skin diseases like skin cancer, carcinoma, throat, and lung or mouth cancer compared to non smokers. Smokers are three times more affected by these diseases than non smokers.

Stretch Marks

Stretch mark generally occurs on our skin when we gain weight rapidly i.e when our skin expands a lot than its normal size. Most common case of having stretch marks is during pregnancy. But it is also important for you to know that smoking is also a major reason for having stretch marks on your skin. This is because the nicotine present in cigarettes damages the fiber and connectivity tissue in your skin and thus your skin loses its elasticity as well as strength causing stretch marks.

Flab’s in your stomach

As we have mentioned earlier that smoking causes loss of appetite, a study done in Netherlands in 2009 revealed that people who smoked had more fat accumulated than the non smokers. When you smoke constantly, the fat pads can get accumulated in your mid section causing the occurrence of flab’s or tummy.


Smoke exhaled from smoking releases quite a lot of harmful toxins. One of the very common symptoms of smoking is cataracts. In this, the smoke puts an oxidative stress on the lens of the eye, therefore making you a patient of cataracts. The above points can be very beneficial and helpful to motivate you to quit smoking as nobody wants a dull, saggy skin, instead all wants to look beautiful and gorgeous and lovely at all times.