Recipe For Home Made Honey Body Wash

Recipe For Home Made Honey Body Wash

download-2gIt’s been quite long since I began a war against the chemical products circulated in the market. They were so harmful that they were actually catalysing the negative changes that eventually happen with age. You would have heard about natural face washes, hair care, do it yourself techniques, etc., but I am going to discuss something different here. I will be sharing some homemade body washes. Yes! You read it right I meant body washes.

Why homemade body wash?

Homemade body wash can seem quite silly when you read or hear it first time. You get different types of soaps in the market, in fact there are abundant liquid body washes available too for different skin types. You must be asking why am I even talking about body washes. Soaps are actually quite harsh on our delicate skin. Do you see weariness or dryness in your skin during winters? The reason could be your soap. The dryness or skin dullness happens almost every day, when you use your soap, but it is more visible in the winters.

‘Loss of moisture’

Many people are also forced to change soaps during winters to adjust with their severe drying of skin. Experts interpret this as a loss of moisture. This is a serious issue which is one of the prominent reasons why skin develops a lot of problems. An average soap when weighed on pH scale, is quite rough and dry. It is just not the right thing to use on your body every day. Not all soaps are same, there are a handful soaps which do moisturize skin efficiently, but they too cannot be as effective as the natural homemade body washes.

Is it practical to make a body wash at home?

coconut-oil-body-wash-8Now, once you have decided to make a body wash for yourself at home, the biggest worry which people have is in respect to practicality. Many recipes or tips contain long list of ingredients which are very difficult to locate or are very dear considering price tag. While, the others have complicated procedures which are certainly not feasible for every day schedule considering the schedule/lifestyle we adopt nowadays.

This worry or consideration is very understandable. But, the recipes I will discuss shortly are very simple, affordable and less complicated. Most homemade recipes comprise of ingredients which you can locate easily in your house and particularly your kitchen. So, homemade body washes are practical and you should try them for sure.

Which is the best ingredient for making a body wash?

homemade-citrus-hand-and-boWe discussed earlier about moisture and how most soaps today fail to depart the required amount care & nourishment to the skin. Considering this aspect, the only viable ingredient that comes to my mind is ‘honey’. You would have heard numerous benefits of honey. It is used in several face packs, hair care packs, body washes, etc., to moisturize the skin. It additionally departs great nourishment components to the skin too. This makes ‘honey’ my first choice when considering a homemade body wash.

Expert opinion

Many experts also agree with this opinion of mine or rather I have developed this opinion of mine considering the trust of experts on honey. I have used it several times with different ingredients (sure you must have too), it works just as it tastes, very nicely! You won’t be disappointed using honey as your body wash agent as you will see great changes (on the positive side) in your skin. Let’s not delay and jump straight into the recipes for honey body washes and off course it is made at home!

Castile soap, coconut milk and oil recipe

coconut-oil-soap-step-7Castile soap can be regarded as a slightly expensive ingredient used here. But, it is easily available and is very beneficial and soft on the skin. Both the recipes which I will discuss will include half cup of castile soap. You can get it delivered from any e-commerce store nowadays. But, look for reviews and brand before buying one for yourself. You will also need coconut milk and some essential oil (vitamin e or olive oil or almond oil based on your liking).

  1. Take about half cup of castile soap in a bowl and add half cup of coconut milk to it.
  2. Now add one third cup of honey to it.
  3. Add 7-8 drops of the oil you selected let’s say olive oil.
  4. Mix it for a few seconds and your body wash is ready for use.

People love this recipe as it is damn simple and does not require procedures like microwaving, waiting, overnight ground work, etc. You can even skin coconut milk alternate days in a week, if you are in a hurry. The procedure remains same (more or less).

Castile soap, sweet orange oil and other essential oils

natural-facial-cleansers-4If you are looking for slightly scented body wash, this is the one you would love. The aroma is just fabulous considering the smart blend of several oils in this. The amount of essential oils used is more here. It’s really great for skin, you will feel the difference from first wash itself. It gives you a luxury bath feeling.

  1. In one fourth cup of honey, add half a cup of castile soap
  2. Add about 40 drops of sweet orange oil and about 10 drops of rose oil (referred as rose absolute also commercially)
  3. To this add 2 tbsp. of Vitamin E oil and 1 tbsp. of olive oil (the choice can again be made based on preference, I prefer this combination)
  4. Pour this body wash ingredient into a bottle and shake well for a few seconds. Your home made body wash is ready!

The ingredients used here are slightly high but as specified earlier, it gives a feel of a luxury bath experience. It is great for skin and you shall just keep using it again and again, once you tried it!

Honey and almond oil combination

You would have heard beauty with brains, honey with almond makes a similar combination that you would relish. This is a body wash that requires less number of ingredients and is very quick to make. The biggest positive, which will make you consider this over other body washes, is that it has a shelf life of up to 9 months. Amazed right! Even I was amazingly impressed with this convenient benefit.

  1. Take a bowl or a jar which has a proper mouth ensuring easy transfer to a bottle or similar storage vessel conveniently
  2. Add one cup of honey (preferably unprocessed honey)
  3. To this add castile soap. There are special almond castile soap versions available in the market, if you can afford it, you can use it in this too
  4. One tbsp. almond oil has to be added followed by about 15 drops of essential oils that could include Vitamin E, olive, jojoba, sweet orange (if you love scented body washes), etc.

Make lump sum amount of body wash and use it every day without the nuisance of making/mixing a body wash every day. This perfectly suites our lifestyle!

Coconut oil with honey body wash

coconut-oil-body-wash-2Coconut oil is very beneficial for hair as well as skin. You will find heavy usage of coconut oil in a lot of homemade recipes as well as commercial products too. Most of the other ingredients required are more or less same compared to previous body washes. You will need about 25 drops of essential oils preferably, 15 drops of eucalyptus and 10 drops of sweet orange oil. 10 drops of lemon juice or grapefruit extract will also be additionally needed for this body wash.

  1. Melt half cup coconut oil by microwaving it for just 30 seconds (under medium settings)
  2. Add melted coconut oil, half cup honey (preferably raw honey as it is the purest form of honey) and half cup castile soap (liquid form) into a bowl
  3. To this, add 1 tbsp. of Vitamin E oil. Later add eucalyptus and sweet orange oil (15 and 10 drops respectively)
  4. Finally, add 10 drops of lemon juice or grapefruit extract
  5. Store this mixture in a glass bottle (plastic bottle is also okay)
Keep making fresh body wash every 10-15 days. You will have to shake well before using it. If you feel coconut oil solidifies the body wash, you can replace it with almond oil.

Start relishing the honey body washes to see a visible change on your skin. Choose the most convenient ones for day to day use and the tricky ones for weekends to enjoy benefits of all types of body washes.