Tips to Get Perfect Beautiful Skin Using Water Steam Naturally at Home.

Tips to Get Perfect Beautiful Skin Using Water Steam Naturally at Home.

acne-30-tips (Small)Nothing is more frustrating than a skin issue or dull skin. Your outer look speaks about your personality and the way you portray yourself to others determines your social life. So how about giving a bright day to others by flaunting your bright and beautiful skin? Here are some tried and tested beauty tips that give you a glowing skin.

Hydrate you skin


A dry face type has many problems like flakes, wrinkles, fine lines and others. So it is very necessary that you keep your skin hydrated. Drink water and use water based products so that your skin does not get dried. Use non-pore clogging lotions along with the anti aging lotions to bring great life to your skin.

Stay clean

Wash your face regularly, for almost 4 times a day. Make it a habit to wash your face before you hit the bed. There are chances that dirt and sweat clog your skin, so use a good quality facial wipes to clean your face often. Mild natural foam or cleansing lotion can be used to clean your face. And potentially use a mist spray when you clean your face in the morning and night.

Face mask


Put on some simple face mask whenever you get time. Aloe, banana, orange, strawberries and yogurt are some simple ingredients which can be put on as face masks. They act as exfoliator to the open pores and get rid of the clogged sebum. You can also enter a spa and get a worthy face mask every week.


Many of them forget this important treatment to get a glowing skin. Glycolic or lactic acid helps to exfoliate your skin. These can be found in oatmeal, yogurt, almonds, acai and lemon. So buy the products that are derived from these ingredients for better results. Salt and sugar scrub with coconut oil is a great choice to remove the dead skin cells.

Steam it out

taking-steamGive the steam to bring great glow and remove the skin impurities. You can put your face over a bowl of boiling water with some rose essence which is very simple and effective method. This process helps in removal of debris from the pores of skin without aggravating and inflammation the pimples.

Cut down bad habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol are some really bad habits that make an adverse effect on your skin. Avoid alcohol and smoking tobacco to bring back the glow you had earlier.

Avoid outdoors


Spending more time in the outdoors under the hot sun affects your skin by sun tanning. Always put on a good sunscreen that can protect your skin from UV rays. You can avoid fine lines; wrinkles and other skin damage by avoiding contact with sun.  Use broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 25-30 even during the cloudy days.

Say bye to junk food


Unhealthy foods which have excess oils and carbohydrates damage the skin cells. Also excess oil is the reason for acne/pimple on your face. To get a glowing skin you should eat proper foods that are rich in amino acids, Vitamin E & A and other nutrients.

Sun bathe


Bathing in the sun does not mean that you should expose whole day in the sun. The early morning (7 -8 AM) sun is very soothing for your skin as it has Vitamin D in it. The sun rays during this time are converted to Vitamin D that actually creates highest energy in your skin.

Along with following these simple tips, you should also rest your mind and body. Do not take excess of stress on you. Complete the tasks in a timely manner that does not pile up your work and stress. A mindful breathing for at least 10 minutes is essential for you. The next time you meet someone, they will be glad they met a glowing and radiant person like you.