Peel Off Mask to Remove Unwanted Hair and Darkness From Hands

Peel Off Mask to Remove Unwanted Hair and Darkness From Hands

avocado-hand-mask-treatmentMany of us have dark skin patches in our body and also unwanted hair. Darkness is usually caused by prolonged exposure to sun light, dust and pollution. Hyperpigmentation is a condition where skin becomes dark due to the high amount of energy absorbed from sunlight. There are many chemical treatments to reduce tan from the skin, but in long term they will do more harm to the skin than good, due to the presence of chemicals in them.

There are a few tried and tested remedies that have worked wonderfully in removing tan and unwanted hairs from hands. Try these home remedies and it might work for you as well.

Peel off masks are really expensive in the market. Here comes the simple and cost effective peel off mask preparation to remove darkness and unwanted hair from hands.

Milk and Gelatin mask

milk2-defaultTo make this mask, all we need is some milk, unflavored gelatin and few drops of lavender essential oil, which provide the required moisture to the skin in the hands. Mix all these together and microwave it for 15 seconds, then let it cool. Apply this mask on to your hands and leave it on for 15 minutes, and then peel it off. Later wash hands using cold water and apply moisturizer generously and massage. Use this mask once in a week for desired results. Though hair provides insulation to body, it even ruins the look of the person.

Lemon Juice, Cucumber and Rose Water

Mix lemon juice, cucumber, rose water and use as pack. Concentrate on darkened areas. Lemon juice has acidic properties which removes the darkness and cucumber along with rose water cools down the skin underneath, thus preventing darkness in recurring again.

Milk and Turmeric Powder

besan-turmeric-milkGoing back to the grandma recipes, mixing turmeric powder and milk along with any flour acts as a scrub in removing dead tissues present in the hand. This pack can also be applied all over the body to remove dead skin. Apply this pack and let it dry. After few minutes wash away with cold water by scrubbing gently.

Curd and Lemon mask

Apply a pack by mixing Curd, gram flour and lemon. After drying gently rub away the scrub, which helps in fading tan skin and dead skin cells. Use Fresh Aloe Vera gel and coconut water directly to the skin as cleaning agents and see how they do wonders.

Lemon Juice and Sugar

healing-properties-of-olive-oil-with-lemon-juiceTake one tablespoon sugar in a bowl and mix it up. Cut lemon and squeeze the juice. Apply this mixture on your hands and let it dry. Place a tissue above it and move gently opposite to the direction of hair growth. This will not only remove unwanted hair from your hands but will also help in getting rid of darkness from the hands.

Gram flour

In a bowl take two tablespoons of gram flour and two tablespoons of coconut oil and mix well. Now add few drops of rose water to it. If you don’t have rose water, then skip and add normal water. Stir well and apply it on the hands using fingers or face brush. Apply it on the direction of hair growth. Leave it for ten minutes. After drying rub the face mask in opposite direction of the mask that you have applied. Do not wash immediately after rubbing, leave it for just half an hour and apply a moisturizer. Do not wash with soap for few hours. Repeat this for about three times a week and tremendous results will be visible in a month.

Turmeric Powder and Yoghurt

raw-ground-turmeric-jpg-653x0_q80_crop-smartIn a bowl, mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of yogurt. Whisk well. Apply this pack on hands and wash away after it is dried. Follow this for about 3 months and three times a week, for astonishing results.

Coffee and baking soda

Baking soda along with coffee powder helps in diminishing roots. Caffeine present in coffee powder helps in tightening the skin and reduces cellulite. Combine 2:1 ratio of required coffee powder and baking soda. Coffee Powder-Half brewed for potency along with fresh powder for exfoliation. Mix well and store in an air tight container and use during shower. Rub in to damp skin for 1 minute a day for 2 weeks continuously. The hair from hands will vanish and skin will get smoother and shinier.


Baking Potato side viewTake a bowl of peeled and crushed potatoes, place it on sieve crush for juice. Along with this add crushed lentils which were soaked overnight and made in to a paste the next morning. Add four table spoons of lemon juice along with two tablespoons of honey. Apply this dense paste in to areas of unwanted hair and rub gently. Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse. This is the effective method and can be used for all types of skin.

Raw milk

Raw milk can be applied on darkened areas and this will help in lightening the skin to great extent. Don’t go away in sunlight immediately after removing any kind of mask. It is always better to do any kind of beauty treatments only during night time or after sunset, for better results.

Essential Oils

olive-oil-and-olivesMassaging or applying essential oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, lemon oil will remove tan from the hands, if applied daily. It’s a good habit to apply petroleum jelly before going to bed.


Take ripen banana and oat meal in a bowl. Mix well until it forms a paste and then apply this paste on hands. This pack will help in shedding hair and also removes dead cells from the skin, thus vanishing darkness.

Chickpea Flour

o-chickpea-flour-facebookApply a paste of chickpea flour along with fresh cream and turmeric on darkened areas. Chickpea flour will help in removing tan from the hands and make them smoother.

Pineapple peel mask

It is a simple peel off mask that can be prepared at home with ease. Take a fresh pineapple and chop it into pieces. Never use a canned pineapple as all the fresh nutrients will be lost. Put the pieces in a blender along with honey and make a paste. Apply this paste all over your hands and leave it for 20 minutes. Place a tissue towel and allow it to set. The ascorbic acid helps to brighten the skin tone and to achieve a smooth glowing skin.

Peach mask

face-mask-with-banana-peachTake a ripe peach and remove seeds from it, and blend it along with egg white. Apply this mixture thoroughly on your hands and let it sit for 30 minutes. After this peel of the mask and then wash it using cold water. It helps in tightening the skin and providing it a fairer look.

Sugar wax

It is quite similar to the traditional waxing style, but we won’t use waxing strips in this case. It is very easy to use it anywhere. Before using this method let the hair grow to a considerable length, so that you can grab hold of it. The ingredients needed are one cup granulated sugar, water and lemon juice. Mix all the three ingredients in a small pan. Heat it until it turns out to be a hard ball. Remove from heat and let it cool. With the help of a spoon spread it over the hand in the same direction of the hair, and then pull it out from the opposite direction. This will remove hair from the hands as well as provide you with glowing hands. We should accept the fact that natural remedies take longer time to show the desired results but have no side effects.

Lemon juice and honey mask

healing-properties-of-olive-oil-with-lemon-juiceHoney and lemon when combined together will stick on to the skin like glue, thereby helping to remove the unwanted hair without darkening the skin tone. Honey helps in moisturizing and hydrating the skin making it soft, whereas lemon helps as a cleansing agent that will help remove all the dead cells by tightening the skin. An added advantage of lemon is its bleaching properties. Mix honey and lemon in a bowl and apply this paste on areas where unwanted hair is to be removed. Let it sit for a while, and remove the mask with the help of a tissue cloth soaked in warm water. Repeat this process on regular intervals for best results.

Egg mask

Separate the egg white from the yolk and whisk it by adding sugar and corn flour. Apply this mask on the hands and let it dry before peeling it off. Repeat the process for best results. Always end the treatment by applying a generous amount of moisturizer.

Peel off masks help in many other ways. They help in removing all the impurities thereby providing a fresh, glowing skin. It readily nourishes the skin, and forms a plastic like structure when it is dried thereby it can be easily peeled off without much effort. It exfoliates the skin too and helps in reducing the pore blockage and improves dull skin.

Avoid going out in sunlight often, when needed wear hand gloves. Apply a good brand of sun screen lotion before stepping out. Apply sun screen just half an hour before going out and if possible apply it for once in three hours. Exfoliate skin whenever necessary, using salt with lemon juice to remove dead cells. Always moisturize the skin. Drink plenty of water and apply petroleum jelly or skin lotion daily before going to bed. So, follow all these tips and have soft, smooth and shining hands.