Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake Up Pretty As a Princess

Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake Up Pretty As a Princess

get-glowing-skinWomen always want to look pretty, and they do a lot of effort to make sure they do. But with the hectic lifestyle it becomes very difficult to maintain the same regimen, and look perfect at all times. Moreover, the beauty tips and tricks need a good amount of time to make sure you get results. Women like to take everything seriously and then concentrate on every part of their body right from their hair to their face, their lips, their feet, skin, hands and almost every other area. If you go on to get a makeover or just the regular beauty tips, you will need ample amount of time to cover all these areas. But this would not be possible due to the short time you get for yourself.

Therefore it is easy to go for overnight tips, which will make sure you get the desired results when you wake up in the morning. When we sleep, our body still keeps on working and this is where we can grab the opportunity and apply some beauty tips and leave it to work overnight. Once you wake up in the morning you will feel rejuvenated and confident with the results. The body rejuvenates during your sleep and reenergizes it till morning. Take advantage and use these beauty tips to wake up as pretty as a princess.

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Use Anti Aging Creams at night ONLY

face-mask-with-banana-peachYour skin ages faster than your body. This needs to be brought at par, and to do so you will need to use anti-aging cream or the wrinkle free creams. These beauty products have elasticity building extracts within them which make the skin bouncy and elastic, so that they do not wrinkle easily and stay young for longer time. When you apply this to your skin and keep it overnight, they tend to get into your body and repair the damaged cells, and give them the rejuvenation it requires. If you apply them when awake and leave for office or for some work, they will not be able to give effective results, as your skin will be perspiring at that time or be fighting with dust and dirt. Therefore, it gives best results when you are asleep.

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Use Vaseline for Dry hands and feet

25703f7e0441df5c237fad08a48125536f3090e1c32cb9f029e74b8c3eadc87d_largeDry hands and feet is a very common problem faced by women. They do not have the glow or the luster it ideally should have. This is a dire need for women, and they will do anything to get soft and smooth hands and feet. The best solution to this problem is Vaseline. This is a petroleum based gel that enters the skin and fills the cells with oil that is missing for many. You can also apply them on your cracked feet and wear cotton socks over it, to let it moisturize in for the entire night. The next morning you will see that your rough and dead skin is glowing and soft, and the cracks have started to fill or at least have become soft enough. You can also apply Vicks instead of Vaseline, as it has almost the same effect on your skin.

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Almond Oil for Smooth lips

sweet-almond-oilLips are the highlight of the face and you use it rigorously for talking, eating, and for kissing as well. Your lips can get dry and hard, which will not show a good image of you in public. Almond has great qualities to cure chapped lips or make them soft and moisturized. You can apply some almond oil on your lips before you go to bed. The oil will do wonders the entire night, and you will wake up with great lips that are smooth and can be kissed at any time (LOL).

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Vitamin E for glowing skin

vitamin-e-or-fish-oil-585x389We all want that glowing skin to look radiant and awesome. But to get this skin, you will need to do a lot of things. It is a known fact that vitamin E is a great ingredient for skin to make it glow. This can be applied to the skin before going to sleep, and the lotion will work on the skin when you are asleep. Olive Oil is also a great way to massage your skin to get it the nourishment required, and let it enter the skin deep within. This activity should be repeated daily to get the best results.

Solution to avoid hair damage

benefits-of-olive-oil-for-healthy-hairHair is something which needs utmost care and can be damaged with ease. For women with long hair there are chances that it may entangle or break when you move in your sleep. This can be avoided if you sleep on satin pillows and not cotton ones. You can also tie your hair loosely so that when you wake up in the morning your hair is still tied, but has waves formed in it due to the movements during the night. This can help you from damaging your long beautiful hair and stay as pretty as a princess.

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Strong Nails

ecc8c1a49a9523d6e90a1219d60ce3efWomen like to possess long shiny nails, so that they can apply nail polish of different colors and dawn a great style. However there are chances that the nails are not strong enough to hold the nail paint for many days, and may break within no time. You can make your nails strong by making your cuticles strong. All you need to do is apply some coconut oil on your cuticles before you go to sleep. Oil helps to moisturize the skin and strengthen the nails to keep them long for longer period of time.

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Overnight solution for Pimples

acnePimples are a big headache for women, as they can occur anytime and that too on the face. So if you had to go for a big day in the morning and there is a dreadful pimple on your face, then you would like to just avoid the day by giving some lame excuses. The best and the easiest method is to apply some toothpaste on the pimple, and leave it overnight to get the result. The pimple will fade away within the night and you are all set for your big day. Make sure to apply toothpaste only and not any kind of gels that are available as a substitute for toothpaste. You can also use some tea tree oil in diluted form by applying it with a cotton swab over the pimples. It will reduce the redness without affecting your skin.

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Hands softness

i_f189050e0f622888_html_a4d9ae30Women usually have soft hands, and make sure that they stay in the same way. For this you can make a home based scrub with olive oil and brown sugar along with some vitamin E and mix all together to massage on your hands. You will need to keep your hands warm, so make sure to wear gloves for the night. The next morning you will be seeing younger and softer hands.


tumblr_inline_ncc68b0dky1qdfkq5Eyes look good with dark eyelashes, and women do many things to get the perfect eyelashes. Growth serums do not work as planned and should be avoided these days. Castor oil is one thing that needs to be used to naturally grow your eyelashes. You can apply it on your eyelashes before you go to bed. This will take some time to show the complete results, but will have great impact on your looks in very less time.

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Women are very concerned about their looks and do almost everything to get it aesthetically right. For this look, they leave no stone unturned and try almost all the products available in the market. But they do not realize that using cosmetics all the time may affect their skin and health in the long run. A home remedy is a great way to naturally work on your health and skin, and make sure that you get the desired result within no time. So try out these beauty tips before going to bed and wake up pretty as a princess.