4 Simple Homemade Face Pack for Tanned skin

4 Simple Homemade Face Pack for Tanned skin

Simple-Home-Remedies-For-Sun-Tanned-Skin (Small)Skin tanning is really a worst thing you could expect during summer. Each one of us seeks different methods to remove the sun tan. Instead of following those big billboards about expensive skin creams, you can follow some natural methods to remove the tan. Here are some simple and effective ways to remove the sun tan using natural homemade Face pack. 

Aloe Vera + Red Lentil + Tomato Juice Face Pack

First, take a spoonful of masoor dal and soak them in water for an hour. Make a rough paste of the soaked red lentil (masoor dal) and keep it in a bowl. Just cut a small piece of fresh aloe and remove the outer flesh to squeeze out the gel like sap. Extract the tomato juice by just squeezing the flesh out of it. Combine the aloe gel and tomato juice with the masoor dal paste in a bowl. Start applying this face pack on your face, neck and other tanned areas and give a nice smooth massage. Leave the mixture to stay on your skin for about 20 minutes and later wash with cool water.

Masoor dal is a great ingredient to remove sun tan. Aloe is an easy to grow plant and it will be great to have it in your garden. Tomato smoothen your skin texture. The combination of these three ingredients will effectively remove the sun tan as well as rejuvenate your skin. You can also apply the aloe gel directly on your face and neck to create an aloe mask. The aloe has the healing power and is best for sunburn and ac ne treatment. Apply the pack regularly to see wonders in your tanned skin.

Yogurt and Orange Juice Face Pack

The combination of citric acid and lactic acid is a great sun tan remover. Orange is a rich stock of Vitamin C and it helps to fight blemishes in the skin and give a great skin tone and texture. Take equal proportion of orange juice and yogurt, about one tablespoon each and mix them well.  Yogurt makes your skin soft and supple and it is natural bleach suitable for tan removal.

Potato and Lemon juice face pack


There are major skin benefits you can get from Potato. There are several minerals, vitamins, fibers and proteins in Potato which regenerates the skin cells. Potato and lemon juice pack is an age old remedy for sun tan. Vitamin C in lemon juice helps to lighten the skin tone and allows your skin to glow. Extract potato juice by slicing and grinding small chunks of potato. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the potato juice and apply the mixture on affected areas. Allow it to dry for about half an hour and wash in cold water. You can get a great relief from the tanned skin using this natural face pack.

Rosewater + Lemon Juice + Cucumber Juice Face pack

The acidic properties in lemon juice acts as a great natural bleaching agent. This property of lemon makes it a suitable ingredient in sun tan removal. You need a cooling agent to soothe the effect of acid properties. So use cucumber and rose water as cooling agents. Combine the lemon juice, grated cucumber and rose water together to prepare the face pack. Using a cotton pad apply the pack on the affected areas. Let it stay for 10 minutes and wash it with cold water and clean well.

These homemade face packs offer an instant cure for skin tanning and are really easy and quick to make. You need not worry about any side effects from these packs as the ingredients are completely natural and do not harm the skin. So without using any chemicals, these anti tan face packs naturally brighten your lost complexion and remove the tan completely.