This Green Mask Fades Away The Blemishes And Lighten The Skin Tone

This Green Mask Fades Away The Blemishes And Lighten The Skin Tone

download-1Skin care routine is incomplete if it does not include a weekly mask. Mask is a great way of reducing pimples, pulling out deep rooted dirt, sun patches and dead skin. In short, one cannot exclude mask if the aim is healthy and well hydrated skin with a balanced amount of essential oils and dryness. Mask is effective and for that reason once a week application of it is more than enough.

Two very important thing that must be kept in mind while we chose to apply a mask are- first, finding out the skin type that it is suited for is very important and secondly we must preferably go for mask that are prepared using home based products, so that it does not contain harmful chemicals, that do good to our skin at that moment but in the long run degrade its quality. Using face mask made out of natural ingredients may be well termed as green mask, as they are healthy on skin. Read below to know the home based facial mask for a beautiful and healthy glow on skin:


1. Cucumber face mask

cucumberIn order to make this green mask you need half cucumber, 1 egg white and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Crush the cucumber in the grinder then mix the egg white and lemon juice and grind again. Make a smooth paste out of it and keep in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. and then apply on skin leaving it on for 15 minutes or till it is completely dry.

Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry. After a few minutes you may again wash with cold water to eliminate the slight smell of egg that may remain on skin, though the smell goes with one wash only. Do not apply cream as egg white makes the skin soft and supple for that moment. You may apply cream later. The pack is very effective, and should be done once a week for desired results.

2. Neem

neem-story_647_020116053545Neem is a natural product that is well suited for all kinds of skin. Neem has anti bacterial properties and right from ancient days, has been used on skin to eradicate eruptions and to pull out the dirt off the pores.  We can use neem by collecting fresh neem leaves and grinding it in blender with a few drops of water, to make it a smooth paste. Apply this paste on skin and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Wash off with cold water and apply a cream that is well suited to your skin type. Neem leaves are rich in Vitamin C that are instrumental in helping us combat against pimples, aging, blackheads, and dullness and makes skin glow from within by killing the germs, as it is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

3. Green Clay Mask

This is a very effective green mask and is suited for all types of skin. Green clay is easily available at stores. Take 1 tablespoon of green clay and mix two teaspoon of lavender oil. Make a smooth paste and apply it on skin. Evenly spread it all over the face, keeping it away from eye brows and eyes. Leave it on till dry and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Top it up with a cream that suits you. Do this once a week and see the results for yourself. Green clay is helpful in making the skin tight, reduce acne, remove dead skin by exfoliating and also supply the necessary nutrients, as green clay is rich in minerals that are required by skin for a healthy glow.


4. Banana Face Pack

face-mask-with-banana-peachBanana works wonders for oily skin. Take one banana and mash it. After it is properly mashed leaving no lumps, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey to it. Mix properly and apply on face. After it is dry wipe off with a hot towel and then wash off with water. Apply cream but not immediately. As banana is rich in terms of anti oxidants as well as phytochemicals, it helps in rejuvenating skin. Apart from this it also contains moisture that is helpful even for the oily skin.

5. Avocado Mask

avocado-hand-mask-treatmentAvocado is rich in all kinds of vitamins that are desired by the skin for a healthy glow.  Apart from that avocado is also rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. It also contains what we call riboflavin and niacin. Pick fresh avocado from the super market and use half an avocado to grind into paste. Empty it in a bowl and add 2 teaspoon of honey.

Mix well and apply evenly on skin. Keep for some time (15-20 minutes) and then wash off with water and pat dry.  Apply a toner and your cream for dry skin. Do it once a week, and it will lighten the skin tone and make skin fairer apart from other skin related advantages.

6. Coffee and Cocoa Mask

Take 1 tablespoon of ground coffee and one tablespoon of cocoa, mix well and add 1 tablespoon of raw milk to it. If required you may add 1 teaspoon of honey too. Mix these ingredients well and apply on skin spreading evenly with fingertips.

Keep it for 30 minutes, and wash off with cold water or use wet cotton balls to first wipe off the paste. Coffee beans are rich in caffeine and, as dermatologists have suggested, it is helpful in reducing the dullness of skin. As far as cocoa is concerned it is helpful in removing the sun burn and tan and removes the blemishes.


7. Papaya and Strawberry

img_2344_3Mash a small chunk of papaya and do the same to two large strawberries, and add both the fruits in a bowl. To this paste add some honey and also and one tablespoon of oatmeal. Mix well and keep aside for about a minute, to gain consistency in the paste. Use fingers or spatula to apply it evenly on skin. You may massage it in circular motion and then leave the paste on to dry. After it is dry, wash off with cold water or as suggested above use a wet cotton pad to wipe off the paste first.  

Papaya is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A that are helpful to skin, as it helps in removing dark spots, acne and also removes pimples, which in turn makes the skin clearer and fairer. On the other hand strawberries are acidic that are very much needed to remove oil, and it also helps in protection against acne. It relieves the skin of stress and gives it inner health, removing the dullness and blemishes.

8. Grapes

grapes_625x350_61443376353Grapes are helpful for dry skin and are aid in reducing blemishes and lightening the skin tone. Take 6-8 grapes and mash them up. After they are fully mashed, add half a teaspoon of corn flour in it and also a bit of honey to make it stay on face. Apply the mixture on skin and just relax till it is dry.

Touch the mask and see if it is dry enough to wash off. When completely dry, wash it off and pat dry. You may apply your suitable skin cream after this. Grapes are anti oxidants and therefore helpful in reducing tan and blemishes, that makes the skin look dull and aged.

9. Mayonnaise

Very simple and very quick to use, mayonnaise are the new face mask that is becoming well known, as they are helpful for dry skin and very easy to use. Almost all of us have mayonnaise at home for easy breakfast, and the same can be used for easy face clean up also. Take mayonnaise into a bowl and start applying it with fingers evenly on skin, leaving areas around the eyes.

Keep it on for about 20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Make a thin layer, as a thick layer would take more time to dry and also make the skin greasy. This face mask is best suited for people with dry skin. A face cream after this mask would not be required immediately, though you may use toner and a cream a little later.


10. Gram flour and Turmeric

raw-ground-turmeric-jpg-653x0_q80_crop-smartGram flour and turmeric are very helpful in reducing blemishes and giving the skin its natural color, which is over shadowed with daily pollution. In order to make face mask out of these two, take two tablespoon of gram flour and 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder. It is recommended that turmeric powder is prepared at home rather than the one bought from market, as it is sometimes adulterated. Mixing the two powders well, add a bit of milk to make a smooth paste out of it. Apply on skin and wait till it is dry. Wash with cold water and see the spotless and glowing skin.

Masks are very important for proper skin care regime, and amongst the above mentioned methods anyone may be picked and used once a week to reduce blemishes and get lighter skin tone. During the application of mask, it is suggested that you stay under the fan and also lie down rather than moving around the house, as it keeps the mask in place. It is also recommended not to speak while the mask is on, as it creates tension in the mask which cracks it, and this might lead to early onset of wrinkles.