How To Exfoliate Your Lips Using Baking Soda

How To Exfoliate Your Lips Using Baking Soda

comment-eclaircir-la-peau-fLips are something that enhances your overall personality, as they are the first sight to be seen in a person. They tell a lot about you. Perfectly curved lips really look attractive, whereas sadly, chapped lips are considered as ill health of a person. However, in this world of pollution, stress and hectic schedule, it has become difficult to maintain the quality of one’s lips. In a nutshell, luscious lips are always attractive.

Causes of dark and chapped lips-

  1. Cigarette toxins
  2. Sucking on lips
  3. Caffeinated beverages
  4. Alcohol
  5. Chlorine water
  6. Exposure to ultra violet rays (sun) or harsh & humid temperatures
  7. Poor and unbalanced diet
  8. Low-quality cosmetics
  9. Allergic reactions
  10. Hormonal imbalances
  11. Stress
  12. Vitamin deficiency
  13. Chemotherapy
  14. Improper lifestyle habits  

Lip Care

aid2511322-728px-Get-Pink-Lips-Step-2Bullet2Once the lips turn dull, brown and unhealthy, it is quite difficult to make them pink again. Proper lip care must be taken to maintain healthy and un-chapped lips. Once the lips get flaky, they do get healed but take a longer time and effort, as it is well said prevention is better than cure.

What basically needs to be done to cure such unhealthy chapped lips?

The answer is exfoliation. Now what is lip exfoliation? Lip Exfoliation is basically the massage of lips in a gentle manner. It enables removal of dead skin layers, which cover up your lips due to various reasons.


Advantages of exfoliation

  1. It helps in gentle cleansing of lip skin, thereby removing dead lip cells.
  2. Moisturizing the skin and helping it heal.
  3. Maintaining soft, smooth and healthy nature of the skin.

Chemically synthesized lip balms, lip exfoliator are also quite popular in the market. However, their toxicity can have adverse effects on quality of lips. Besides, they are expensive and may not fit into everyone’s pocket.

DIY always helps!

A DIY exfoliator consists of majorly two components:

  1. The exfoliator
  2. The nourishing agent

One can definitely turn to DIY techniques for this issue! As nature can always come to rescue if chemicals don’t work! Various substances such as coconut oil, sugar, honey, etc., can prove really beneficial. One of the most effective substances is Baking soda. As we are talking about lip care! Let me tell you my little secret of smooth and pink lips! You won’t believe what I use for my lips! Yes, it’s the ‘baking soda’.

Properties of Baking Soda

baking-soda-480x373Baking soda is widely available in amorphous white powder. It is also known as Sodium Bi-carbonate. It is also used in food preparation. It has great healing characteristics. Besides this, it has various DIY properties too! There are great varieties of lip balms available! But what baking soda does to your lips is magical. Above all its cheap too.So let’s see, how we can use this baking soda for our lips.

Some Baking Soda preparations to exfoliate your lips:

Baking Soda with water

This is the simplest preparation method, but yet very beneficial! This mixture moisturizes your lips, removes dead cells and makes them soft and smooth.

  1. Dump a spoon of Baking soda in a bowl
  2. Add about 2-3 spoons of water
  3. Mix well to make a paste

And you are done. Your baking soda lip mask is ready to use generously on your lips. Do massage gently on lips, as it enables blood circulation in that area. Let it stay and set for about 15 minutes. Wash after it gets dry. Follow up by rubbing it with ice cube, if possible.


Baking soda with Coconut oil

This is another easiest way to get rid of flaky lips. Coconut oil has various anti-bacterial properties and it cleanses the dead skin layer of our lips. This preparation proves the best for people having dry lips.

  1. Take a spoon of baking soda in a bowl
  2. Add about 2-3 spoons of coconut oil
  3. Mix well and make a paste of it
  4. Apply this mixture on your lips and massage well

Let it dry, wash well using water and then follow up with a light lip balm or Glycerine. Regular application of this will ensure pink and glowing lips.

Baking soda with honey

Honey-1-Sugary-Delight-That-Solves-Many-Health-Problems (Small)This exfoliator works the best for me, the ultimate lip nourisher! Honey has various healing characteristics. It outgrows the natural lip texture. This lip cream works phenomenal! You just can’t get over this lip cream and above all making it is super easy.

  1. Take a tea spoon of baking soda
  2. Add generous amount of honey
  3. Stir well and make a thick consistency paste

Apply well on your lips. Let it dry. Peel after application and you are ready to flaunt your smooth lips. Follow with an ice cube and enjoy!

Baking soda with rose water

Close-up of baking soda in a glass jar. Bicarbonate of soda.

As of now, we are well versed with ultimate properties of baking soda. Let’s talk about rose water. Rose water gives pink glow to the lips. It has various anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the darkening of lips.

  1. Take two teaspoons of baking soda in a bowl
  2. 4-5 teaspoons of rose water
  3. Stir properly and make a thick paste

Gently apply this mixture on the lips. Exfoliate for 2-3 minutes, and wait till it dries off. Wash with water, and then apply Vaseline for lips to stay moisturized.

Tip- Rose water can also be made at home. Just suspend some rose petals in lukewarm water. Let it cool down! Filter it and it is ready to use.

Baking soda with glycerine and almond crush

This is one the most effective, easy and helpful way to get rid of flaky lips. Glycerine is the perfect remedy for perfect pink and healthy lips due to its moisturizing properties. You can always turn to glycerine for unhealthy lips. Glycerine works best in winter seasons, as chances of drying off and chapping of lips is high during that time. This mixture is pretty simple and it gives superb results.

Talking about almond crush, almonds are great source of various vitamins, which prove best for delicate lip skin. Making almond crush is also simple. Take about 7-8 almonds into a grinder and grind them well to a thin powder.

  1. Dump a teaspoon of baking soda into a bowl
  2. To this, Add almond crush
  3. Add glycerine to make it a consistent mix
  4. Mix well

Apply this mixture on your lips and cover them completely. Gently massage for 2-3 minutes. Have patience for 10-15 minutes, and then wash off. Follow up with an unflavoured lip balm. You can also use almond oil instead of almond crush.


Baking soda and lemon juice

Lemon-and-Sugar-Scrub1Lemon is very rich in Vitamin C. It cleanses lips and grants a soft smooth texture. This mix is very simple and fast.

  1. In a bowl take one tea spoon of baking soda
  2. Add two spoons of lemon juice
  3. Mix well and form a paste

Your exfoliator is ready to use. Dab it on your lips and let it dry. Wash off with water and voila! Your pink lips are ready! Follow up with glycerine or ice.

Tip- Sometimes, due to extreme sensitivity of your lips, it can tingle due to high acidic content of lemon. If this happens, then wash off the exfoliator immediately and apply a mild lip balm.

These were six baking soda lip exfoliators, which make your life super easy and make your lips super beautiful! Let’s also go through some tips that can help you exfoliate your lips with care-
  1. It is okay if you make the exfoliator once, and store it and use according to need and time. But make sure that you store it in cool & dry place. Avoid its exposure too light and sunrays. It is however best to make it fresh for each application.
  2. Lip skin is extremely sensitive; therefore, do not use any of the lip balms daily. Use them not more than twice a week.
  3. While exfoliating, make sure your action is not too harsh, as it may damage the top most skin layers of the lips (as they are very sensitive).
  4. Make it a point to avoid smoking, consuming alcohol or exposure to sun for a long time, while you are using the exfoliators, as it may hinder the healing process.
  5. You can always use a toothbrush for application of all these exfoliators.
  6. Avoid wearing lipsticks for long time. Also avoid using cheap cosmetic products for your extra sensitive skin.
  7. Always make sure you wipe off all the lipstick, lip gloss, lip balms as your skin heals the maximum during your sleep hours.

Above all, flaunt your beautiful, pink lips! Pout well and enjoy!