Drink Carrot Juice Every Day, And You Won’t Believe What Will Happen

Drink Carrot Juice Every Day, And You Won’t Believe What Will Happen

carrotsCarrot is a wonder vegetable and can be either eaten raw, or in salad form or can be made into a juice.  Carrots are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and many other minerals. Due to all these properties, a glass of regular carrot juice daily can work wonders in curing diseases ranging from cancer to getting rid of cholesterol, etc.

Apart from having medicinal value, carrot can also be used to prepare various dishes like a simple salad or can be turned into a delicious smoothie. It can also be used to make sweets which are irresistible.

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Various benefits of drinking carrot juice every day:

Cure for cold:

10_tips_prevent_cold_s1_sneezing_womenCarrot juice is known to have Vitamin C in abundance and as we all know, Vitamin C is a natural immunity booster. When a person is suffering from severe cold and running nose, carrot juice can be an excellent remedy. Carrot juice has to be sipped in regular intervals, since it gives the person strength and energy.

Alternatively hot carrot soups or broth can be had, when there is a severe cold, and a bit of pepper powder and ginger can enhance the taste of the soup or the broth. Both pepper and ginger are not only taste enhancers but also natural remedies for cold and cough.

Remedy for strokes:

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which is known to be a cure for paralysis stroke, when it is consumed on a regular basis. Carrot has to be juiced as it is, or it can be paired with apple, lemon, ginger, etc. for more flavor and taste. This carrot juice or multi fruit juice definitely has all the good and natural contents, and is a good remedy to cure persons who have had paralysis strokes.

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Regular consumption of carrot juice is known to improve hemoglobin levels, which naturally and definitely increase the blood content in the body. For more benefits, carrot juice has to be had on an empty stomach.


acneAcne is a problem faced by many. In teenagers acne is a never ending problem. This can be got rid of drinking carrot juice on daily basis. Drinking carrot juice regularly detoxifies the liver, which in turn is known to be a great natural remedy for acne.


Constipation is another problem which is faced by many. Irregular bowel movements are the invitation to many other kinds of diseases, and this can be regulated by having carrot juice. Carrot and spinach has to be juiced and consumed on an empty stomach to keep constipation at bay.

Glowing skin:

get-glowing-skinHaving either carrot or making it into a juice and having it daily can give glowing skin, without any extra effort. Carrot contains Vitamin C which is known to flush out toxins and give the skin a healthy glow.

Alternatively face can be washed with diluted carrot juice for glowing skin, to which a few drops of lemon juice and honey is added.

Remedy for Dry skin:

Deficiency of potassium leads to dry skin, and this can be taken care of by having carrot juice regularly.  Regular consumption of carrot juice keeps the skin hydrated and also lends a youthful glow to the skin.

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The presence of Vitamin A in abundance in carrot is known to improve eyesight and also help in curing problems related to vision. Regular consumption of carrot juice is known to reduce glaucoma, reduce the problem of night vision or night blindness and also strengthen the eye muscles.

Reduces cholesterol:

cholesterol-combo-drugCholesterol content in the body can be reduced by regular consumption of carrot juice. Since, carrots are known to contain lots of antioxidants, consuming this juice is known to reduce the blood pressure levels of a person, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks and regulating blood flow to the heart.


Various studies have proven that consuming carrot juice is a known remedy for various kinds of cancer like lung, breast and colon cancer. Carrot juice contains elements which are known to destroy cancer cells, and promote the growth of healthy cells in the body.


Patients who suffer from asthma are advised to consume carrot juice regularly, since carrots have the property of protecting the respiratory system and thereby regulating breathing problems.

Pregnant women:

_78061345_m8050619-pregnant_women-splPregnant women are advised to drink a glass of carrot juice daily, especially during the last trimester. Doing so is known to reduce the risk of the baby catching jaundice immediately after birth.

Lactating mothers:

Lactating mothers too, are known to benefit by consuming carrot juice regularly. Having a glass of carrot juice along with other fruits, helps in increasing the quality of breast milk and also is a natural breast milk enhancer in nursing and lactating mothers. Since carrot is also rich in Vitamin A, it helps in cell growth and overall development and healthy growth of the baby.

Sun burns:

o-sunburn-facebookSkin friendly nutrients, which are more in carrot and carrot juice, are naturally used to protect the skin from sun burns. It is the main reason why carrot smoothies and dishes made of carrot are largely consumed in summer. Also, carrot paste is known to be an effective remedy for tanning of the skin and that is the main reason why it is being used in skin creams and lotions.

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Prevents Urine infection:

The benefits of carrot and its juice are endless, and it is a well known cure for females who suffer from frequent urine infection problems. Since carrot juice has diuretic properties, it helps in the elimination of excess toxic fluids from the body, and is known to reduce water retention and help in regular urination.

Natural Healer:

Carrot acts as a natural healer for many problems by boosting the immunity system of the body. Also, the consumption of carrot juice regularly is known to increase the production of white blood cells in the body, which fights against various kinds of infections which ail the body.

Eliminate worms:

Making children drink carrot juice daily is known to eliminate various kinds of worms like thread worm, ring worm, etc. and is known to improve the health of kids, without going in for antibiotics from a small age.

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Helps in blood clotting:

sg-can-a-hospital-stay-raise-my-risk-for-blood-clots-722x406When a person meets with a grave injury and lots of blood is lost, the immediate remedy to stop the blood flow and to help in blood clotting is to apply carrot paste on the injured part. Carrot paste is known to stop the blood flow immediately and help in blood clotting, thereby preventing blood loss.

Healing wounds:

When a person has some kinds of wounds, which is not reducing even after regular application of ointments and taking oral medicines, he can have carrot juice regularly to get relief from the wounds. Abundance of Vitamin C in carrot is known to repair the injured cells and heal the wounds quickly.

Improves bone health:

bone-healthVitamin K and potassium, along with Vitamin A in carrots is known to improve the bone health of a person. Regular consumption of carrot in its various forms like smoothie and juices, are known to help and enhance the protein content in the body, which gives overall stamina to the body apart from repairing broken bones quickly and healing visible injuries.

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Improves Oral Health:

Eating raw carrot and having carrot juice is known to improve the overall oral health of a person. Eating carrot daily prevents the teeth from cavities, helps in strengthening the gums and heals mouth ulcers quickly. It is also known to clean the teeth naturally when sweets are had in large number, and is known to prevent bad breath.

Helps in weight loss:

hypothyroidism-weight-loss-722x406Carrot juice due its low intensity and low calorie nature is used as a remedy for weight loss. When carrot juice is used for weight loss, care has to be taken that extra sugar is not added to the juice. Since, carrot itself is known to have lots of natural sugar content, and is to be taken as it is.

Consuming carrot juice regularly has innumerable benefits for a human body. Mentioned above are few of the benefits that carrot juice has. SO, drink a glass of carrot juice on regular basis and STAY HEALTHY!