DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

14-03-2011+018As we all know, beauty and make up goes hand in hand. The moment the word beauty is heard, the picture of a well dressed female comes to   our mind. The word beauty also describes grace, poise and personality of a female. The beauty and cosmetic industry is growing in leaps and bounds, and each day a new make up or beauty item is released in the market.

Make up was mainly used and is being used to hide the imperfections in women. The history of facial make up dates back to the prehistoric times. The Mesopotamian women used a mixture of mineral pigments such as talc to make them look fairer. Throughout history we can see the importance given to fair skin females rather than tanned or dusky beauties

The real evolution actually began in the 1910’s when pancake makeup was first introduced by the brand Max Factor. Pressed powder and blush soon followed thereafter. The use of makeup widely started in USA and Egypt owing to the influence of ballet and theater. By the year 1920 the movie industry in Hollywood had the most influential impact on cosmetic items.

The makeup scenario changed in the 1950’s when the compact makeup was made available in the cream based form. Today facial makeup or cosmetics are part of most women’s daily routine. The use of makeup definitely ups the beauty and grace of the female, apart from boosting her self confidence, and improving her quality of life.

As time advanced and more and more women started working, and became financially independent, the need to look good increased as well, and the demand for cosmetic items too spiraled to a new high. Each day a new make up or cosmetic item is launched. Many times people are spoilt for choice as to what to buy and what not to buy. Buying on impulse adds to the stacks of the cosmetic items.

Storing these items carefully and wisely is a herculean task. It is easy to buy products, but to maintain and care for them is equally very important. Therefore it is of utmost important that you stock and keep your cosmetics properly maintained so you can use it easily as well and increase its longevity.

Readymade products to Store your cosmetics-

Pouches: Various sized pouches are available in the market to store make up items safely. It will be convenient if you buy transparent pouches with many pockets or chains, so that you can separate your cosmetics and store them. For e.g., in one pocket you can store your eyeliners, in one the mascaras in yet another pocket your lip liners etc. so it is easy for you to use your products without much problem and difficulty in times of hurry

Plastic stands: Cosmetic items can be stored in these easy to carry plastic stands. These stands come in various colors and are easily available. These days you get stands with multiple partitions so you can store your cosmetics easily and can pick up the correct one even in time of rush.

Jewellery boxes: This is another option to store the cosmetic or makeup items. Apart from storing costly jewellery costly make up items too find a way in these boxes.

Baskets: These are also good options to store make up items. Though baskets are the last options to store cosmetics since all the products get mixed up and are difficult to separate especially in time of haste.

Magnetic Make up board is also a good way to store cosmetic items. It saves space and gives an aesthetic look to the house and also shows the creative side of the home maker. Many questions regarding the usefulness of the magnetic make up boards do arise in the minds of many people.

  • Is it costly?
  • Should it be purchased from the shops?
  • Are there Do it Yourself Options?. Yes there are options to Do it yourself at home.

Magnetic make up boards can be made in various shapes and sizes too. It need not necessarily be in a square or a rectangular shape only. It can be of any shape like a heart shaped one too, which can be used to store lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras etc.

Items needed for DIY Magnetic Make up Board

  1. Glue gun
  2. Glue sticks
  3. Metal sheet
  4. Fabric of choice
  5. Duct tape
  6. Magnets
  7. Frame
  8. Ruler
  9. Pencil

Take the metal sheet and frame of your choice.  Make sure that the metal sheet fits nicely under the frame. The frame can be bought in a color of the users’ choice or it can be painted at home itself. Measure the fabric around the metal sheet. Once the fabric is cut to size, take the glue gun and glue the fabric around the sheet. Make sure that each corner is tightly pulled around the metal.

Approximately 10X10 would be sufficient to store much of the cosmetic items. The smaller the board the less space it occupies. Iron the fabric before sticking it to the metal board. See to it that the edges of the metal board are not too sharp, or else the fabric might get torn or damaged.

Once the fabric is glued or stuck to the metal board allow it to dry for some time. After the glue dries up make a suitable wooden frame according to the measurement of the metal board. Use duct tape to secure the frame to the metal sheet, which now has fabric on it.

Stick the wooden frame to the metal board. Partitions can be made in the board to store particular items like various nail colors, lipsticks etc

Place the makeup items on the frame and arrange it according to the user’s preference. Then take the magnets, and using the glue gun, glue the magnets to the backs of the makeup. The magnetic make up board can be moved according to ones preference.

A glass covering to the metal board and wooden frame adds a dash of sophisticated look. It also keeps the makeup items dust free. Many items can be placed on this make up board such as face creams, make up brushes, lipsticks, lip balms, combs, nail enamels, moisturizers and body lotions etc.