Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Brewer’s Yeast And It’s Composition

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Brewer’s Yeast And It’s Composition

c (Custom)One very important product that is used rarely for eating, but for healing, as it helps in the achievement of beautiful skin, hair and nails, is the brewer’s yeast or beer yeast. Brewer’s yeast is made from a one-celled fungus called Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is used to make beer. We usually use the yeast to prepare the dough for pies and cakes, and less attention is paid to the wealth of vitamins and amino acids it contains. Otherwise, there are two types of yeast, beer and bakery yeast, which are used in fresh and dry condition. Mentioned below are the composition and benefits of Brewer’s yeast which help in enhancing the beauty.

Composition of Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a rich source of minerals—particularly chromium, an essential trace mineral that helps the body maintain normal blood sugar levels; selenium; protein; and the B-complex vitamins. It tastes bitter and should not be confused with baker’s yeast, nutritional yeast, or torula yeast.

Yeast is best source of B complex vitamins, responsible for beauty

Yeast is one of the best natural sources of B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6 and B12). (B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), and H (biotin)) these vitamins help break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which provide the body with energy. They also support the nervous system, help maintain the muscles used for digestion, and promote the health of skin, hair, eyes, mouth, and liver.

Yeast- best source of amino acid, vitamins and minerals:

Despite this, it is abundant in essential amino acids (lecithin, isoleucine and others) and minerals, iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium). Being so rich in vitamins and minerals, yeast does not only have curative effect, but it also helps in beautifying, so it is increasingly used as a component of cosmetic products for facial care, hair and skin.

Hydrolyzed yeast protein is made by using acid to break down the peptide bonds that separate amino acids from one another. The product is then processed further to remove any non-protein impurities, resulting in a purified yeast protein product. Pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, offer tablets and lozenges with beer yeast extract, which are called ‘magic pills’ for beauty. Nutritionists add that our beauty comes from within, from what we consume. Consuming yeast in any form beneficially affects the whole body.

Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast for enhancing Beauty

Yeast proteins in skin care products

brewers_yeastYeast proteins are ingredients in some skin care products because of their skin conditioning and moisturizing properties. They also appear to enhance wound healing. According to a research, yeast extract applied topically accelerated wound healing in mice.

Anti-ageing and Moisturizing: Yeast proteins are believed to increase the production of collagen by fibroblasts in the dermis of the skin. Collagen is the main structural protein in skin that gives it its support and youthful firmness. Collagen production slows down with age and the remaining collagen bundles and fibres become disorganized and damaged. Exposure to sunlight also accelerates the loss of collagen by activating enzymes that break it down. This is what causes skin to develop wrinkles and laxity that make it look less youthful. Therefore yeast extract and yeast proteins may help to fight skin laxity and keep wrinkles in check. Some skin care products that contain yeast protein include facial moisturizers, under-eye creams, body moisturizers and lip gloss.

Improve skin complexion: When taken as supplement, it improves skin complexion. There is scientific evidence that it helps healing acne and wounds. If it is applied on the skin as mask the benefits could be increased and much more visible. Just make a paste from some water and Brewer’s yeast powder, apply on the area of the skin that need some boost and allow it to remain for a few minutes. This may be used as often as required.

Yeast proteins in hair care products

Reduce hair static: Yeast proteins are also added to hair care products due to their hair conditioning properties. Yeast proteins coat the hair shaft and help to reduce static. This makes hair easier to style. Hair static can be a particularly frustrating problem in the winter when humidity levels are low, and hair care products that contain yeast proteins help with this problem.

Keratin Production: According to a study, yeast extracts increase the production of keratins that give hair its support, strength and resistance to breakage. That’s why some manufacturers of hair care products add yeast extract and proteins to shampoos and conditioning products formulated for fine and damaged hair.

Daily consumption of brewer’s yeast is recommended for maintaining and improving health and enhancing beauty. Take 1-2 teaspoons of yeast 1-3 times on an empty stomach or between meals every day, (the fresh one is best), melted in milk or in water. It is not recommended to use the yeast in fruit or vegetable juices, because in this combination, fermentation occurs in in the stomach and intestines, and alcohol is produced. Improve the health and look more beautiful by consuming the recommended dosage of brewer’s yeast!!!!!