Follow This 7 Step to Apply Lipstick Like a Professional at Home!

Follow This 7 Step to Apply Lipstick Like a Professional at Home!

how-to-apply-red-lip-linerLipstick is an integral part of makeup of a female and it tends to highlight the skin color and also lends a sexier look to the entire face. Applying lipstick perfectly needs lots of practice and over time a female can become a pro in applying lipstick if she follows these techniques.

Before applying lipstick, it is always good to keep the lips healthy and in fine shape. To get healthy and good looking lips, certain things have to be kept in mind and followed correctly or strictly.


Exfoliating the lips regularly is very much essential to have healthy and shapely lips. Exfoliating removes the accumulated dead cells and also lends the lips a soft and smooth texture. Exfoliating can be done by using essential oils like jojoba, almond or coconut oil. Honey too is known for its exfoliating properties.


moisturize-lipsMoisturizing the lips regularly helps the lips to be free of cuts and bruises. It also helps in lending the lips a soft and shiny look. Cream of milk and Shea butter is known to have excellent moisturizing properties and also free of chemicals which can be used without any fear of side effects.

Avoiding smoking:

Smoking and chewing tobacco must be totally avoided if healthy lips are needed. Alcohol too must be avoided completely. Biting the lips and not caring for oral health also leads to lips which are ugly.

Tips for applying lipstick perfectly:

Good quality lipstick:

beautyduty_lipstickBuying a good quality lipstick of a reputed brand is of utmost importance. Buying cheap quality and compromising on the cost may take a toll on the health of the lips and also give way to many allergies and infections. So make sure that you buy a good quality lipstick for yourself.

Lip Balm:

lip-balmBefore applying lipstick, lip balm has to be applied. Applying lip balm helps the lip to stay soft and smooth. It also makes the application as well as the removal of lipstick a less cumbersome process. Moreover, lip balm helps to keep your lips moisturized and protects your lips from the chemicals present in the lipstick.


Testing the shade of the lipstick to be bought is also of utmost importance, before applying lipstick.  Various shades of lipstick have to be applied as a patch on the back of the hand to find out if it suits the complexion of the wearer.

Perfect shade:

Choosing a perfect shade of lipstick is an art by itself. It has to go with your personality and suit you as well. Female with dark complexion should use bold colored lipstick like red or brown, while pale or light skinned people can make use of neutral or nude shade lipstick to go along with the complexion.

Dry skin:

soft-lipsGetting rid of dry skin is also important before going for that gorgeous lip color. Exfoliating and moisturizing the lips well in advance before application of lipstick is highly recommended. Also people who have dry skin should avoid matte lipsticks, since matte lipsticks tend to dry out the lips all the more.

Shapely lips:

Ensure that lips are in perfect shape before applying lipstick. Certain exercises can be done to get shapely and thin fine lips. Also, people who have lips which are extremely thin and want to make it look fuller, have to avoid using dark colored lipsticks.

Lip primer:

1424531684-syn-2-nrm_1418933826-linersmudgeBefore applying the lipstick, a coat of lip primer has to be put on the lips. Applying lip primer before applying lipstick helps the lip color or lipstick to stay for a longer duration without getting smudged.

Apply concealer:

980xAfter applying the concealer and before applying the lipstick, concealer should be applied on the lips. Applying concealer before applying lipstick, helps to give the lips a nude tone, and does not over do it.

Compact powder:

Once the concealer is done with, you can even dab a little compact powder on the lips. The compact powder helps in removing excess concealer and prepares the lips for perfect application of lipstick giving the perfect shade of lip color.

Lip liner:

lip-liner-applicationApplying lip liner in a correct way helps the lipstick to stay for a longer duration and also helps in hiding the flaws which happens when lipstick is not applied correctly. Moreover, a lip liner defines your lips adding to the glamour factor.

Lip brush:

Making use of a lip brush instead of applying lipstick from the entire tube directly is always good, since lip brush helps in spreading the lipstick evenly on the lips and prevents from over application in certain areas as well.


ombre-lip-colorIt is always best to either highlight the eyes or the lips when wearing lipstick. When wearing a dark colored lipstick, it is always better to use a lighter shade of eye shadow or better not use eye shadow at all to highlight the color of the lipstick.

Lip gloss:

Prestige Cosmetics.Applying a bit of lip gloss is always good. It will add some sparkle and shine to the lips and also make it appear a bit thick and plump. The correct way of applying the lip gloss is to smear a small amount of it at the center of the bottom lip and spread it on both sides.

Lip pencil:

A lip pencil has to be made use of to accentuate the cupids bow or the fag end of the lips. This will help the lipstick to spread evenly and also stay on the lips for a longer duration.

Applying lipstick:

After all the above steps have been followed correctly, the major part left out is the correct way of applying the lipstick. The lipstick has to be applied starting from the center of the lips and brushed outwards, covering the entire lips.

Dual Shades:

close-up-cut_no-4Another tip to be followed while applying lipstick like a pro is to make use of two different shades of lip color. Doing so will make the lips to appear fuller and plumper. One coat of dark colored lipstick has to be applied first, and then a slightly lighter shade of lipstick should be applied again on the center of the upper and bottom lip. Make sure both these shades gel well and also ensure that the difference is not known.

Second Coat:

Once the first coat of lipstick is applied correctly and done with, a second coat must be applied for better results after a span of two minutes. Applying a second coat of lipstick helps in giving the lips a darker color and also makes the lipstick to last longer.


4After both the coats are applied, blotting has to be done without fail. Blotting has to done by sticking the finger into the mouth and closing the lips; once this is done the finger has to be pulled out. Doing so will prevent the lipstick from sticking on to the teeth.

Apart from using on the lips, lipsticks can be used for various other purposes. It can be used to cover up tattoos. It can also be used as an alternative for eye shadow.