A Proven DIY Remedy ( Baking Soda) To Get Soft & Smooth...

A Proven DIY Remedy ( Baking Soda) To Get Soft & Smooth Feet Just In 2 days!

effective-trick-for-smooth-and-soft-feet-how-to-clean-your-heels-using-baking-soda (Small)Everybody deserves and wishes for pretty and groomed feet which feel amazing when touched. Not only they look good, they also make your feet ready to flaunt any type of footwear.

From to killer stilettos to those strappy sandals – your feet can take everything, right? Imagine how hideous it would have looked on someone with dead skin and cracked heels. And it’s not just about looks; cracked heels can be painful and uncomfortable as well.

Sometimes the problem can be severe enough to lead to bleeding! Don’t believe us? It’s true! Cracks on our heels can open up badly enough to expose the flesh under the skin to finally lead to bleeding and other infections.

This is exactly why, maintaining and taking care of your feet is not only about looking good, it is also about hygiene and comfort. And of course, there’s the added benefit of wearing any kind of footwear.

Are you the kind who chooses her footwear depending on the condition of your feet or find it hard to walk because of those severe cracks on your heels? If so, then we are here with an amazing solution to this problem of yours.

In this article, we will give you an extraordinary remedy that will not only soften your heels, it will also soothe the skin around the problem area of your feet. Brilliant, isn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s get started with the remedy.

Baking Soda

Baking728x480This is an amazing home remedy that you can follow to treat and cure your cracked heels and make them look enviably beautiful.

The primary component of this trick is ordinary baking soda. If you are wondering why we are using baking soda and doubt the effectiveness of this trick, then do not worry. We will explain everything to you in details why we completely vouch for this remedy.

Ingredients needed

3 tablespoons of ordinary baking soda

5 litres of water


Baking-sodaTake the baking soda and dissolve is properly in hot water

Make sure to create an even mixture

After this, soak your feet in that solution

Rest your feet completely in that solution for 15 minutes approximately

After 15 minutes, take a pumice stone and rub both your feet using it

This will help in removing the loose dead skin off your feet

Now rinse your feet properly and wipe them off

Take your choice of any nutritious foot care cream and apply it on your feet

Wear a pair of cotton socks to keep your feet covered and protected for a while

Ideally you should keep the socks overnight for best results

Wake up next morning to see visible difference on your feet. However, this treatment is not a magic trick that can make your cracks disappear in one go.

You need to repeat this remedy every day for at least 5 to 7 days. Post that, you need to take a break of a week before you start with the same procedure again. You should repeat the entire treatment for about three times to get best results.

If done properly, it is sure to cure the cracks on your heels and make them look smooth and soft. Other than soda, you can add a tablespoon of salt and a bit of liquid soap too while preparing the solution for your foot bath.

The addition of these ingredients will help in washing off the dirt, grime and dust stuck inside your cracked heels. Additionally, you can also make the solution even more enriching my using chamomile tea.

Why baking soda?

o-BAKING-SODA-facebookWe promised that we would enlighten you with the positive aspects of baking soda. So, let’s look at the benefits of baking soda and how it helps your feet.Baking soda is loaded with antiseptic properties and reduces the hardness on your feet caused by water. It soothes your skin by removing the dead cells effectively.

Baking soda is a cost effective ingredient with the help of which you can treat the skin on your feet beautifully; even better than other expensive beauty salons. No wonder, it is such a powerful ingredient to restore the beauty and attractiveness of your feet.