18 Simple Yet Attractive Mehendi Designs To Adorn Your Kid’s Hand

18 Simple Yet Attractive Mehendi Designs To Adorn Your Kid’s Hand

mehandi_designs_kidsWouldn’t it be great to decorate your little child’s hand with cute mehendi design? Little girls dressed in frocks, shorts, and lehangas, they look so cuddly and cute. The same impact is there; in fact double, once they get mehendi done on their tiny hands.

Go about decorating your child’s hands with adorable mehendi but you have to keep one thing in mind. Kids are just kids and don’t have that much patience to sit through the mehendi application. So whenever mehendi designs for kids are being done on kid’s hands and feet, classiness in simplicity stands out the most.

Here I am going to show you some fabulous designs of mehendi for kids that will bring some glitz and glam into their small and cute hands.


best-arabic-mehandi-designSmall or big flowers look as pretty on your Barbie dolls hands as the doll herself. Along with flowers, patterns can also be drawn such as peacocks, butterflies, birds, leafs which kids like the most. Make sure you don’t put mehendi all over the little girl’s hands (the way it is done on grown up female’s hands). In the fourth mehendi design shown below, see how beautiful the pattern looks with one big floral design in the centre of the reverse hand.

Let’s look at some flower mehendi designs for kids:

Arabic mehendi design

simple-arabic-mehndi-design-for-hands-2016-2017A simple mehendi design for kids is the one that has a flower and a bee on it. A design like this for kids will encourage them to not spoil or want to remove the mehendi. This is a simple Arabic mehendi design for kids with flowers.

Flower and Bee

the-bee-and-flower-mehndi-designIf your girl is the one who loves mehendi and you are confident that she will let it dry on her hands completely before removing it, then this mehendi design is just an ideal one you need.

Floral design

floral-henna-design-1The latest mehendi design is an easy to make mehendi flower on the back of your child’s hands. This way the child will not be able to ruin her mehendi also.

Arabic Mehendi Design

latest-arabic-mehndi-designWe always saw Arabic mehendi designs that have the index or middle finger decorated. But this kid’s mehendi design is sure a unique one. It’s simple and can be drawn quickly.

Haven’t these beautiful mehendi designs for kids melted your heart already?


latest-colour-glitter-mehndBling is the latest trend in mehendi designs for kids. It can range from sparkles to crystals and also glitter which makes it attractive for kids. This way they can show off their mehendi designs to their friends and make it look all the more fancy and glam. While adding glitter to mehendi for kids; hands sound innovative, but don’t overdo it as it will ruin the simplicity of the design. Keep it simple and sober rather than going overboard with it. Check out this purple and golden glitter mehendi that beautifully highlights the black mehendi design.

Let’s look at some glitter mehendi designs for girls

look-58If your daughter isn’t allowed to have mehendi stained hands according to her school rules, then a glitter mehendi is what you can do for her. The glitters will be available at any stationary stores and can be removed easily using water, acetone or a nail polish remover.

Glittery Mehendi

glitter-mehndi-designs-4If you’re girlie loves colours you can try a fusion of glitter mehendi and normal mehendi for kids.

Empty heart mehendi

30Now this is unique mehendi idea for kids. The empty heart can have the name of the child written inside to make them feel special.

Butterfly mehendi Design

image005A butterfly mehendi designs for kids with glitter sprinkled all over it is easy to create. This can also be done on the arms of the kids too like a tattoo design.


Mehendi application can be done by a kid too. Check out this design with paisley motif in the back of the hand and supporting floral designs. The finger tips looks so cute and drool-worthy with petal-like spiral designs. Make the naughty little girl wear this mehendi design for special occasions such as marriage and evening parties too.

Spiral Design

spiral-and-flower-arabic-meA few hearts stars and loads of flowers this was my favourite design in my childhood and I recommend it to you too. Your little wonder will also adore the design.

Flower designs made on the feet

simple-mehndi-designs-for-feetThe cute flower design along with long leaves made on the feet of the babies is a great design. It shows a good art work when babies are sleeping bare feet and gives a nice look to the feet.

Bunch of flowers

maxresdefault-1Children these days are fond of mehndi but cannot apply it as many schools and educational institutions do not allow children to dawn the mehndi while in the premises. But the bunch of flowers design is not much visible unless shown properly. Also it is a great design for a mehndi art.

Design on the index finger

indian-mehndi-designs-for-fingers-for-bridesArabic mehndi designs on the fingers are a common art form. But this when applied on kids is a great art work. The mehndi design done on the index finger connected to the motif on the back of the hand is a great Arabic style that can be applied on kids hands.

Arabic little finger

pretty-finger-mehndi-designThe design similar to the above one is the little finger flower. It is in the shape of a band where the strings are followed right from the wrist to the end of the little finger and the flower in between on the palm. It is a nice design to dawn in parties events and marriage ceremonies.

Ring finger design

arabic-mehndi-design-for-fingersKids are very fond of jewellery and other accessories. However they are not allowed as they are very young and may forget it at places or lose it as well. However when this is made in the art form the worry is over. The design in the picture below shows a girl posing with a ring finger design of mehndi in glitter form. It acts as a jewellery as well as mehndi design.

Half hand design

rakhi-special-mehndi-designs-600x390The design of mehndi can be made in any form. In the image below the mehndi is made covering half of the hand with complex but beautiful design and the other half is covered with small dots of flowers showing great creativity for children.

Hand gloves mehndi

arabic-black-mehndi-designs-like-gloveThere are many adventurous kids who like to put mehndi designs in their own form. Below image has a mehndi design that has a glove made on the back of the hand with a flower at the side of the hand and the leaves are branching out to the fingers and the rest of the hand.

Different colour mehndi

maxresdefaultMehndi is not limited to just one colour. It can be designed in many forms. The image below shows two colours of mehndi i.e. black and the usual red. The design is looking very beautiful as the colours are used in a perfect manner to enhance the beauty of the design.

Flower fingers

lovelyKids like creativity. The image below shows the child has each nail made into a flower and is highlighted with a mehndi border around the nails to give it a great effect. The rest of the hand has the regular Arabic designs to make the mehndi look beautiful.