Do These 14 Simple Lip Exercises To Keep Them In Perfect Shape

Do These 14 Simple Lip Exercises To Keep Them In Perfect Shape

lipsaaLips are the most sensuous organ in the body, and are used for various purposes like eating food, conversation, smiling, and most importantly kissing. Sexy lips are an invitation for instant kissing and help in erogenous activity very much. Various diseases associated with lips are cleft lips or mal aligning of the teeth, which gives the lips a bad shape and not so attractive look.    

It can be very easy to get good and sexy lips by doing these simple exercises, which helps to keep the lips in shape and also get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles which form around the cheek and lips. Before looking at the exercises to be done for getting shapely lips lets know how to keep the lips soft, supple and hygienic.

  1. Lips are the wonder organs of human body which is visible and which shows the state of our mind. So such beautiful thing should be kept clean. For this, exfoliation is very much important, which makes the lips look more youthful and inviting. Exfoliation must be done on a regular basis to wipe out dead cells and to get rid of flaky skin, which may happen during winter and cold climates.
  2. Using a lip balm is very much essential to keep the lips soft, supple and in shape. Also protecting the lips from direct sunshine is another tip or trick to be followed when outdoor activities are being performed.
  3. Smoking and intake of alcohol must be totally avoided if healthy lips are needed.
  4. Keeping the lips hydrated is another tip which has to be followed without fail. Drinking 8 glasses of water is beneficial to the whole body, especially for the lips to stay hydrated.
  5. Biting of lips must be totally avoided, since biting leads to wounds on the lips and it may lead to infections and make for an ugly picture.

Exercises for lips:

As people start aging, the skin may show signs of getting aged and to avoid this, doing exercises once a person reaches the age of 30 goes a long way in giving youthful look to the skin, particularly the lips portion. Lips show the emotions we undergo and it is very much important to always keep it in shape and healthy, no matter which age bracket we are in. So, let us take a look at few exercises which helps the lips to stay in perfect shape.

Pucker or flying kiss Exercise:

This exercise helps the lips to have firm shape and make it stronger, which in turn supports the teeth to stay in perfect shape. This can also be called as the flying kiss exercise. Stretch the mouth as if smiling at someone and starting to blow flying kisses is how this exercise is done. Doing this exercise on a regular basis is very much beneficial for strong and healthy lips.

“O” shaped exercise:

x-and-o-exerciseAs the name suggests, in this kind of exercise, the lips have to be made into a perfect “O” shape with both the upper and lower lips. Once the desired “O” is formed, trying to smile is another technique which has to be done keeping the “o” shape as it is. Doing so helps in reducing the folds, fine lines, creases and wrinkles and also helps the lips to stay in shape.

Pout Lip exercise:

pout-and-tiltMaking the pout shaped lips and exercising is another technique, which can be done to get shapely lips. For this exercise, the lips have to be kept closed without any teeth visible. After closing the lips correctly, it has to be lifted upwards facing the nose. Repeating this exercise for a minimum of 10 times daily is sure to give lips the desired perfect shape.

Sucking exercise:

We all know babies suck their thumb for some kind of security; here too the same sucking exercise comes in handy while keeping the lips in perfect shape, but the finger is different. The pointer finger has to be made use of to suck, so that lips stay in perfect shape. The pointer finger has to be sucked hard so as to tighten and tone the muscles around the lips, giving it a fuller shape. This exercise has to be done in a relaxed manner and has to be done around 15 times a day for quick and effective results.

Fish face exercise:

In this kind of exercise, the lips have to be shaped in such a way that it resembles the face of a fish. After making a fish face, the lips have to be moved up and down. This exercise is particularly beneficial for females who have thin lips. Repeating the exercise for 25 times a day continuously gives the lip a fuller shape and also helps it to stay healthy.

Popping Exercise:

In this kind of exercise, the lips have to be closed tightly and it has to be pressed inwards. A popping noise has to be made with the help of the mouth, and then the lips have to be allowed to relax for some time after one round of exercise. This has to be done in a leisurely manner, since more breaks are given during exercise. Doing this exercise on a regular basis is sure to give shapely lips without any extra effort.

Rotating Exercise:

This exercise can be done very easily, without any side effects and injury concern. Rotating the lips in a clock wise and anti clock wise is the only thing to be followed while doing this exercise. Doing so will tighten the muscles around the lips, and helps the lips to stay in best shape no matter what.

Smiling exercise:

smiling-womanDid we ever know that the natural habit of smiling can be used for exercising to give good and shapely lips? This particular exercise is useful for people who have chubby cheeks and dimpled chin. There are two ways to do this exercise. Smiling widely with the teeth showing is one kind of exercise, while smiling widely without the teeth showing is another kind. Both these types of exercises have to be done alternatively for around 20 times a day for healthy, shapely and firmer lips.

Pinch and squeeze exercise:

maxresdefaultPinching and squeezing the cheeks daily can ensure healthy, shapely and sexy lips. To do this exercise, the middle and ring fingers have to be made use of. Massaging the lips and cheeks using both these fingers in an upward position helps the cheeks to stay firm and also prevents sagging, which in turn lends the lips a beautiful and enviable shape.

Puffy faced exercise:

Did you ever imagine, that making faces when we were younger, would one day help us in giving healthy lips and this can be made as an exercise routine. Such is the beauty of this exercise. To do this exercise correctly, one has to close the lips and puff the cheeks with air. After five minutes, the same exercise has to be repeated on the other side of the cheek. Doing so alternatively for a period of 10 second each side and a minimum of 10 repetitions daily are sure to give shapely lips without any doubt.

Jaw movement exercise:

As the name goes, it is an exercise related to jaws, by exercising the jaws or doing movements using the jaws, shapely lips are for sure. Make sure to sit straight while doing this exercise. Drop the lower jaw as much as possible. Next step is to bring the jaw to the original position and repeating the same after a few seconds break. Doing so regularly is bound to give superb results and awesome shaped lips.

Tongue exercise:

This exercise is done mainly using the tongue. The mouth has to be opened wide and the tongue has to be stretched out as far as one can do it. Counting up to 5 and taking back the tongue should be repeated as many times as possible, Doing so will relax the muscles around the lips, helps in getting rid of fine lines and crow lines, and also gives the lip a better shape.

Water therapy:

This exercise has multiple benefits. The most important one is that it helps to keep the lips hydrated and prevents dryness of the lips. To do this exercise, a glass full of water has to be filled in the mouth and rotated without spitting the water. Doing so multiple times will help the lips to retain a good shape apart from ensuring proper blood supply.


couple-kissing-fireSounds strange, but kissing passionately always helps the lips to stay in shape and this is an exercise which has dual benefits. Apart from keeping the lips in shape, it also increases the bond between the partners due to the act of passionate kissing.

Lips are very important for your overall appearance; as well shaped lips can enhance your looks by many a times whereas unshaped and saggy lips can completely ruin your looks. So, if you are suffering from unshaped or saggy lips then try out the above given exercises, as these are sure to give you perfectly shaped lips. Even if you have perfectly shaped lips, then also you can perform these exercises to help your lips stay in shape.