12 Simple Remedies To Treat Pores

12 Simple Remedies To Treat Pores

aaPores are by no means attractive. They actually make you appear too old and dull. Too many pores on the face can impact your overall appearance and confidence. Apart from appearance factors, pores tend to trap dirt and result into several other skin problems like black heads, pimples, acne, rashes, etc. Some bigger pores on face can be a big embarrassment for people.

Painful effect of pores can be addressed by a few simple remedies. Pores are serious threat to wellness of skin and should be addressed instantaneously. So, here are the 12 best and simple remedies to address pores of skin-


1 Egg white

egg whiteEgg white is a common ingredient which is used in different face masks for overnight results. They not only help tightening the skin but work tremendously on improving the skin quality and texture. You can directly apply egg white after separating it from egg yolk without mixing it with another ingredient.

It is an easy method to treat porous skin quickly. You can mix the egg white with a few drops of lemon juice and oatmeal to specifically address porous skin.

2 Cucumber juice

Cucumber is very good for delicate regions of the skin. Particularly for the regions around the eyes, cucumber works miraculously well. Dark circles can vanish by use of cucumbers consistently. Cucumber juice in association with corn meal can be applied to the face for wonder benefits. Just apply this paste for about 15 minutes and wash it off. This remedy helps in improving skin texture and quality too.

3 Tomato juice

Tomato-And-YogurtTomato juice is basically the soup we are quite used to of enjoying during the winters. When fresh tomatoes with loads of nutrients and properties are blended to extract juice, your skin too feels the need to taste it. Tomato juice can be extracted quite easily in the household and is a simple remedy to treat porous skin.

Apply tomato juice on your skin and let it be there for about 15-20 minutes. Wash it using warm water. The potassium and acid content in tomatoes help in extracting the desired results.


4 Curd

Curd is also a common ingredient excessively used for hair and skin in many treatments. Plain curd can help reduce the size of pores when used twice or thrice a week. Applying curd is easy and you can mix besan, honey or similar ingredients to enlarge the benefits.

5 Baking soda

baking-soda-480x373Baking soda and warm water can also be used to treat pores. Baking soda can be easily sourced in the household kitchen and is a very beneficial product that has immediate impact on acne and pimples. It cleanses the pores by keeping it void of accumulated dirt and dead cells. It helps maintain the right pH levels of the skin too.

Just mix equal proportions of baking soda and warm water apply it on your face. Make circular massage movements for about 30-45 seconds and wash it off. This is probably the quickest and simplest method to treat pores efficiently. Do not keep this mixture applied on your face for long.


6 Ice cubes

In the summer season, when the sweat and dirt actually just find much more affinity with the skin, ice cubes can be great relief for the skin. Ice cubes are to be used in clean and soft cotton clothes as direct application can harm the capillaries laid beneath the skin. Just massage the cloth with ice on your skin 2 times every day (during summers) to get visible changes. Use ice carefully during winters as it can lead to skin dryness too.

7 Honey-sugar remedy

milk-honey-and-lemon-juice-face-packPores are actually small deposits of dirt and harmful chemicals on the skin layer. A scrub like remedy could help in cleansing the pores deeply and additionally lock the pores to good extent too. The best way to do it is by the use of natural ingredients like honey, sugar and lemon juice.

While sugar granules can act like a scrub, lemon juice is a natural bleaching element and honey is the moisturizing partner.

You need to mix one tablespoon each of honey and sugar together and add a few drops of lemon juice while mixing them thoroughly. Make sure you wash your face well and keep it dry before applying this paste. Apply this paste and massage your face in circular and upward motions for a few minutes. Wash your face with warm water after 5-10 minutes of massage.

8 Papaya

Enzymes in papaya are quite popularly known for controlling porous skin. Mashed papaya can be applied directly on face twice or thrice a week. This is a very easy remedy and takes very little time and effort. Use a ripped papaya and make sure you massage well and keep it applied for at least 15-20 minutes. Use as many times as possible as it has no side effects.

9 Aloe vera

Aloe-Vera-JuiceAloe vera is also a rich natural herb which has various applications in the modern household. Whether you need treatment for burns, sun tan or pimples or acne, you will remember aloe vera in some form or the other. Aloe vera gel which can be obtained naturally from the aloe vera plant has several beauty secrets and has been in use from several years to enrich beauty of women.

Just apply the aloe vera juice/gel or paste (which is obtained after grinding aloe vera leaves) on face and experience the change. The pores of the skin are deeply cleaned of impurities and the skin obtains a great texture, which is wrinkle free. If aging spots are bothering you, you just cannot forget using aloe vera remedy for your skin.

10 Relax with a steam

You might remember taking steam only when you were ill with cold and cough. But, your skin too requires steam to ream fit and fine. The dirt and impurities stuck in your skin can be released in the form of sweat when you take steam. Your skin feels a little tighter with fewer pores after you begin taking steam on a consistent basis. Breathing issues, stress, etc., can also be addressed by practicing this healthy procedure.


11 Almonds and lemon juice

Almonds are dry fruits known quite good for brain. They can be helpful in addressing porous skin too.

Just crush 5-6 almonds and add a few drops of lemon juice to it.

Apply this paste like mix to your face and let it be for 15 minutes.

Wash with cold water.

You can also mix sweet almond oil with mashed or crushed banana and apply it on your face.

12 Raw milk

FULl-CREAM-MILKRaw milk can independently be used as a great remedy for treating skin pores. Milk has properties which purify the skin internally and make it tight.

First wash your face thoroughly and dab using a clean towel.

Now apply raw milk on your face using a cotton or clean cloth.

Let the raw milk dry on your face for about 20-25 minutes.

Your skin will feel tight after some time.

After 20-25 minutes wash your face using cold water.

Treating pores can never be so simple. There isn’t a list of ingredients you need and there isn’t a list of procedures too. These 12 methods just consolidate simple remedies that could hardly take a few minutes of your busy schedule. Say no to pores by saying yes to these simple remedies!