10 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair Wrong -See The Right Ways

10 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair Wrong -See The Right Ways

colage-600x315Hair- proteinaceous filament present in mammals. It is therefore necessary to wash the hair now and then depending upon the texture. For some people, the wash has to be done on alternative days and for other people twice a week. Some people in the state of Kerala, India people wash the hair daily and indeed they have the most beautiful yet healthy hair in the country. On the other hand, studies suggest that washing and shampooing the hair daily will wash away the oils present in scalp which will lead to dry and itchy scalp resulting in dandruff.

Hair wash is an art of cosmetics which helps in maintaining the hair manageable and healthy. Hair washing is now practised in all parlours before or after haircuts which is a relaxing practise to the customer as it will help to remove the loose strands after the haircut which will be bothersome. As said already, Hair washing is an art. Do we follow the steps correctly? There are signs which can be predicted very well that if we are performing the art accurately. The results will be seen in the hair.

Following are the 10 signs that indicate we are washing the hair wrong every time:

Towel Drying

Towel drying is not at all the best idea. Thanks to friction! Drying the towel using hair can lead to frizz hair and thus it will cause damage to the hair resulting in hair loss. To prevent this towel can be replaced using either t shirt or blotting the hair. Towel drying will worsen the split ends and weaken the hair. It will create craters along the hair shaft resulting in rough hair and drying again will damage it even worse. Super absorbent towel can be used. But only by blowing the towel.

Using Large Quantity of Shampoo

woman-shampooingUsing a good quality shampoo and conditioner alone will not yield results. Also using them in large quantities will not make the hair look good. They should be added only in bits to make the hair look healthy.

Scrubbing the hair harshly

Scrubbing the hair too hard is very dangerous to the tiny proteinaceous filament. This will result in hair loss and weaken the hair. Rather it should be done in mild and not hard.

Quickly shampooing the hair

shampoo_hairWe all live in fast food world; every work has to be done in 2 minutes. Washing the hair must be done very slowly and gently. In hurry people don’t give enough time for everything. Shampooing the hair while washing requires attention and it must be done from roots to the tip of the hair. Roots when left un noticed will lead to major problems.

Conditioning the scalp

c700x420While conditioning it must be applied to all the strands to the tip of the hair aiding in nourishing and moisturizing the hair. Some people think that washing the hair always require a good quality shampoo with conditioner. It is not true.

Regular shampooing

Shampooing the hair every time will remove the oils present in scalp permanently.  Advertisement make us believe that shampoos make our hair soft and shiny which is not true. Shampooing can be skipped and instead water can alone be used at times which will make the hair look softer.

Rinse and Repeat Technique

The rinse and repeat technique is always the worst idea. Rinsing the hair second time will strip away the moisture from the hair. The rinse and repeat technique should be done when required and not all the times.

How shower Bath

download-2After having a long day in college or school or even at work people tend to have a good hot shower, massage and sound sleep. This, might sound good. But isn’t.  Taking hot shower for hair is extremely a bad idea. Hot water will in turn make the hair look dry and unhealthy. Instead the hot water can be replaced by lukewarm water.

Rinsing Immediately After Conditioning

After applying conditioner do not wash away the hair immediately. Give some time. While applying conditioner take the strands slowly and then give a gentle rinse. The hair will look smooth and soft never like before.

Missing out on Conditiong hair

conditioninghair-625_625x350_81445596015Most people usually condition their hair after washing the hair, not realizing the fact that they are not supposed to condition dripping wet hair.

Washing the hair Right way

8-mistakesSteps to wash the hair

You will need:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Plastic hair tie
  4. T Shirt
  5. Hair serum

Step1: Wet the hair in a shower in cold water. Do not use hot water

Step2: Take the required amount of shampoo in palm. If it is concentrated it can be mixed with water. If not apply directly to the scalp and massage it nicely. Lather, but only on to the scalp.

Step3: Once the massage is done, bring all the foam directly to the ends of the hair.

Step4: Massage in circular motion to the ends of the hair.

Step5: Rinse the hair with cold water

Step6: Squeeze the hair gentle to drip-off excess water.

Step7: Take the appropriate amount of conditioner in hand.

Step8: Apply to the ends of the hair instead of focussing on the scalp, probably from the mid length to the tips.

Step9: Use fingers to comb out the knots.

Step10: Take plastic waterproof hair tie or rubber band. Make a bun and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Step11: Rinse the hair with head down.

Step12: Dry the hair using T shirt or just blot the hair. Do not towel dry.

Step13: Use a hair serum and apply to the ends of the hair. Use fingers or wide tooth comb to detangle hair strand by strand.

Blow Drying

maxresdefaultBlow drying can be avoided. Occasionally it can be done. Take a decent hair dryer abd set it on moderate temperature. Start from the roots and continue until the hair is semi dry. Apply hair serum:

  1. Start from the ends
  2. Slowly work the way up
  3. Finish blow dry

Dry Shampoo:

When running out of time or while having a bad hair day dry shampoo can be preferred, but not often. Dry shampoo can be used when hair is greasy and oily. Dry shampoo can be used by:

  1. a) Spraying on roots
  2. b) Do not spray too close

Double cleansing can be done if required like when colouring has been done or extreme dirt gets settled in scalp. While, double cleansing the hair should be washed thoroughly. As product build up in the scalp will cause dandruff and hair loss.

Hair Care routine for damaged Hair:

  1. Shampoo the hair two to four times a week (Depending up on the need)
  2. Wet Hair Breaks easily. Do not comb wet hair
  3. Chemical conditioners can be replaced by oregano oil or diluted apple cider vinegar.
  4. Hair Oiling: Hot oil massage and hair spa can be done twice in a week. Do not keep oil on hair for more than 12 hours. It will attract dirt and it will clog the roots resulting in weakening the hair.
  5. If there is no time for hair spa or hot oil massage, the following method can be tried:
    • Take ¾ of regular hair oil
    • Add ¼ of castor oil
    • Add two drops of Vitamin E oil
    • Instead of regular hair oil, use this combination
  6. Hair Spray:
    • Avoid hairspray as much as possible. In unavoidable situations, use a hair spray always from underside angle for a bounce
  7. Hair Spa: Hair spa can be done at home for under nourished hair. Avoid going to parlours for hair spa which will result in damaged hair after few weeks.
  8. Do not tie up wet hair. It will weaken the hair.
  9. Dandruff: after shampooing and conditioning air, squeeze one full lemon in a mug of water and then rinse the hair. Just leave it, need not wash again. This will help in preventing dandruff.
  10. To avoid dryness many homemade hair mask can be tried. For example, egg hair mask, aloe Vera gel hair mask, coconut milk hair mask etc.

Selection of Shampoo and conditioner has been the difficult task nowadays due to availability of infinite number of products in the cosmetic market. Some people use the same brand of products for years. If using the same products for years, the hair will tend to develop immunity to the product and therefore it will be no use in using the same shampoo each and every time. It is better to change the shampoo every time you got to purchase. But be careful in selecting the right shampoo for right hair. Less vigorous the wash, the damage will be minimized.