Do You Know Shape Of Your Lip Can Reveal An Important Character...

Do You Know Shape Of Your Lip Can Reveal An Important Character About You

Lips are one of the most erroneous and a beautiful part of a person. They speak volumes about the person’s character, his or her well being, the care they take themselves to keep the lips in good shape and health etc. Lips can be of various shapes and sizes right from big lips, small lips to round shaped lips, etc.

The attention given to the lips of a female is more than the attention given to the lips of a male. The main reason for this is that female lips tend to ooze more sexiness and charm and adds an extra zing to her already charming personality. Strange but true it is, the shape of the lips of a girl can reveal the important secret character about her.  As we all know, astrology is related to the stars, the secret reading about the lips has a lovely name too and it is called lips logy.

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Let’s have a look at the various shapes of females lips and what these shapes reveal about their character.

Round Shaped Lips:

Females, who have round shaped lips have a nature of avoiding fights and conflicts many times. Given a chance, they always want to be peace makers rather than fighter bulls. Also, these females view the pros and cons of any situation before taking any decision.

Square shaped Lips:

Girls or females, who have square shaped lips, are found to be more reliable than others and they can hold a secret without revealing it to anyone. They can act as agony aunts in need of time. So, next time when there is any secret to be shared or revealed, we all know whom to go to and pour it out.

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Triangle Shaped Lips:

Females, who are blessed with triangle shaped lips, have a great ability to lead a team full of enthusiastic persons. They have a god gifted ability of recognizing talent in others and can help others to grow their flair and lend a creative bent to the latent talent in them.

Open Cornered Lips:

Ladies, who have lips with open corners, are always looking for things to keep themselves busy. These females get easily bored and are always on the run looking for new things to keep themselves engaged and busy. Also, these females keep jumping from one thing to another thing before even completing the first task or the task at hand.

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Thin shaped Lower Lips:

Those females who have thin shaped lower lips have a reserved nature, meaning they don’t open up very easily to others, until and unless they know the other person really well. They always prefer to stay aloof and love their solitude and privacy very much. They respect others privacy as much as they respect their own.

Wide shaped Lips:

Wide shaped lips make a female an extrovert by nature. She is always outgoing and raring to go places. She tends to make lots of friends and is an attention seeker in the group. Also, they have good leadership qualities which they always tend to bring to the fore, wherever they are.

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Heart Shaped Lips:

Of course heart matters a lot to any person and females are not an exception. In fact females attach more importance to the matters of the heart. Just imagine a female, who is blessed with heart shaped lips. She always wants to be independent and doesn’t like to be bossed or ordered by any one. Females with such lips have an artistic bent. Apart from the above nature, females with heart shaped lips are very witty, creative, has loads of intelligence which they use to their advantage and shine wherever they go.

Thick Lips:

Girls who have thick shaped lips are found to be flirtatious in nature. They always tend to seek attention of men. They are overtly romantic, and always crave for the attention of the person they like and love the most.

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Thin Lips:

Girls who are blessed with thin lips are polite in nature. But that doesn’t mean that they can be taken for granted. They have their own way of thinking and do not budge easily to any pressure. They are very clear about their goals and also they like to get settled in their life soon. Beware of playing with the feelings of such females, lest she makes the other person’s life too miserable.

Full lips:

Often full lips are confused for round lips but the major difference with this kind of lips shape is that, they are full or plump in the middle. Females, who have such lips shape, are known to be very compassionate at heart and have a very helping nature, no matter what odds they encounter. Also, such kinds of lips bearers are known to be great guiding force and great parents too.

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Thick Upper shaped and Thin Lower shaped Lips:

Females with such lips are very rare to come by. But those females who have lips with a thicker upper shaped and thinner lower shaped lips have a character which is very adorable and loved by all. These females are ready to do any kind of crazy thing to gain attention.

Thin Upper Shaped Lips and Thin Lower shaped lips:

Girls with thin lips are considered to be very blessed and are mostly proud of their shape. It is believed that such girls are more likely to be loyal to their partners and is the apple of his eye. But, thin shaped women are also known to be quite sensitive and emotional. Smallest of the things can leave them shattered and/or worried. So, guys, if you are dating such a girl, beware as you might end up hurting yourself by falling too deeply in love with her!

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Bow-shaped lips:

Women who have this kind of lips shapes are known to be a sexy siren and a seductress in a group. They are very expressive not only through their eyes but through their lips too. Also, they are unafraid of anything in life and they mark and chart out their own destiny by living life to the fullest and taking charge of it completely.

Goldilocks lips:

These can be called the perfect sync shaped lips. These kind of lips are even shaped with no thick or thins anywhere. Females who are blessed with such kind of lips are understanding, un-demanding of any kind of pleasures and also are very loving and caring to their partners feelings and make for good life partners too.

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Big Pouted Lips:

Females who have such big shaped pouts are known to have a fiery temper. They can get angry very easily. However, they tend to calm or cool down also very quickly. Such females are big foodies too and they don’t care a damn about their diet.

Lips with a mole on them:

Weird it may sound but females, who have a mole on their lips, tend to get aroused very easily and quickly. They constantly long for a relationship, irrespective of the fact, whether the relationship is long lasting or a short lived one.

So, what are you waiting for? Look in the mirror and determine your personality based on your lips.

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