What Women’s Sleeping Positions Reveal About Their Personality?

What Women’s Sleeping Positions Reveal About Their Personality?

Sleeping postures or positions are incredibly powerful and actually reveal quite a lot of personality secrets. If you were quite unsure about your personality traits, your sleeping posture could help you identify a few of them for sure.

Sleeping posture gains much more importance as sleeping is an essential activity relating to inner sole of the body. Many a times, out in open, in front of friends, known and unknown people, women often create an artificial layer, which makes it difficult to realize what kind of personality they possess.

There are many ways of identifying a woman’s personality traits, but this is the most accurate and interesting one, which helps you determine your right space. If you never saw how you sleep, do not get conscious about it, just ask a few people around you, roommates, parents, siblings or friends to determine your sleeping posture.

Sleep is important, so are the sleeping postures, without much delay lets determine the women personality traits based on the six most common (not the only) sleeping postures-


Folded knees in the sides

If you cannot fall asleep or realize immense comfort with folded knees, while lying by your side, you can consider personality traits which shall fall under this category.

If you possess this sleeping posture, you are calm, you do not get angry soon and have a grip on your emotions, particularly anger. You are a reliable person as people around you can definitely trust you for what you promise.People might experience a tough time, if they had to offend you, which is again a good characteristic.

You do not find the need to think about your future, as you may be (probably) busy architecting the present. The adjustability quotient is highest in you, as you accommodate to changes in life quite easily. People might see you with a smile even on an extremely miserable day (moment). That’s the kind of strong personality such women possess.

Baby/foetus sleep posture

If you keep your arms and legs to close to each other and create sleep posture that is half spherical, you fall under this category. This sleep posture symbolizes your need for protection, understanding and sympathy. Such women in simple terms can be termed as insecure.

They feel the necessity to cut the relationship between the external world & themselves and hence form this type of sleep structure that protects them from the external environment.

However, not to misunderstand this with the abilities, such women can find lime light and success in the field of painting, fashion, dancing, teaching, writing, etc. These women find happiness when they are associated with such activities and are known to better express themselves better too.


Sleep by lying on your stomach

If you sleep by lying on your tummy, then you fall under this category. Such women can be referred to leaders as they possess leadership skillset with a characteristic of impulsive decision making.

They are amongst the very few women, who can actually strike the right balance between the professional and personal activities of life. You might not love surprises and believe in planning everything in advance.

The ability to withstand and progress ahead of difficulties and obstacles helps you attain success. Truth is always an essential companion and you feel the sense of responsibility towards work, which makes you achieve success efficiently.


Sleep posture with face facing the roof (upwards)

If you sleep straight lying on your back with face facing towards the roof, you fall under this category. Very few women are actually known to be sleeping in this posture and hence, the personality traits are also quite unique and special. You love being a centre of attraction and are actually quite used to special attention from people around you.

You love life and are stubborn when it comes to work. Your hard work and rational thinking makes way for persistent success. You believe in relying on the power of truth and possess the strongest personality traits, which make it easier for you to attain your goals.

Formal army sleep posture

This sleeping position is just a formal revision to the previous one. You face towards the roof and your hands and legs are in strict army position close to the body, as if you were standing in an army function. Such women have a great balanced mind with a pre-determined approach to life. They have set goals and they work in a planned manner to achieve them, without any confusion or deviation.

They are highly organized and expect the same from people around them. This expectation might make them strict, rigid and demanding. But, the good thing is that they expect a lot more from themselves (compared to others).


One knee folded sleep posture

If you have one knee folded and the other body lying on the sides, partially on stomach, then you fall under this category. This is actually a mysterious sleep position which is a combination of 1st sleep position and the 3rd one. Personality traits are also mysterious because if you belong to this category, your personality is highly unpredictable. Still some of the common traits found can be shared here.

You are a moody person with loads of mood swings. Anger management or basically emotions management is an area you would love to work on. Decision making can also be a subject, you might fail, as you are poor at making decisions. You love adventure and can participate in all kinds of adventure stuff, as they trigger your love for thrill and fun. You like making peace and are generally a quiet person, when it comes to work or professional lifestyle.

Women sleeping postures and personality traits do have connection with each other. This is proven scientifically. Well, if you did not fall in any of these categories, then probably you have a combination of personality traits, which are more or less influenced by these 6 postures. If you did, you could possibly take some of the personality secrets that can help you shape your life in the appropriate manner!