Apply A Thin Layer Of This Sandal Paste On Your Face And...

Apply A Thin Layer Of This Sandal Paste On Your Face And It Will Shine Like Gold 

Sandalwood is primarily a scented or perfumed wood, used widely in the cosmetic industry. That is the major reason, why sandalwood paste and oil is used in all the fairness creams or cooling oils and beauty treatments from ages, all over the world.

The paste of sandalwood is considered the purest form of it and it can be applied directly on the skin, which works as an antiseptic agent and as a coolant and thus helps in bringing down the heat of the body temperature. Due to its pleasant fragrance, sandalwood is called the “mother of all fragrances”. This is the major reason why, sandalwood paste is widely used in anointing the idols of Gods, all over India. Given below are few remedies using Sandalwood, which can help you in getting the flawless skin and will also make it shine like gold.

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1. Sandalwood Paste:

As we have discussed earlier, the paste of sandalwood is the purest form of it, which can be directly applied on your skin, without any side effects. Applying this paste regularly on your skin lends a beautiful glow to your skin, which in turn makes the texture of your skin soft and supple and free of blemishes and tans.

To make the sandalwood paste at home, you need to have a bar or thick stick of the sandalwood tree. A few drops of water have to be put on the rubbing stone. Once the rubbing stone is wet with the necessary amount of water, you can start rubbing the sandalwood stick on the rubbing stone, which gives out the fragrant paste. This paste has to be stored in air tight glass containers and used on your face regularly, which will definitely make you look younger than your age and you can get compliments for your ever youthful skin and looks.

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2. Milk and Sandal Paste:

Instead of plain water, you can use warm milk to make the sandalwood paste. Warm milk has to be put on the rubbing stone to get the right consistency. Milk and sandalwood paste make a great combination for your skin, which helps in reducing the dark spots, keeping the skin free of all blemishes and lends a pleasing complexion which you cannot achieve with the costliest of the salon or spa treatments.

3. Rose Water and Sandal paste:

Sandal paste can be combined with rosewater too, for extra benefits. The double fragrance of the sandal paste and the rosewater leaves a trail of pleasant aroma or scent whenever and where ever you go.

To make this, you need to add a few drops of rosewater to the already made and stored sandal paste and apply on your face. Once the paste starts to dry, you need to wash your face with warm water and pat dry the face you are ready to conquer the world with your glowing and flawless skin and face.

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4. Sandal Paste and Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice due to its rich content of Vitamin C is definitely not missed out in the beauty segment. It is loaded with all the necessary ingredients needed for a good skin care regime. And the benefits of sandal, is already discussed here. Sandal paste and lemon juice when applied on the skin regularly gives your skin a natural glow and lightens the complexion of your skin.

5. Sandal and Turmeric Mask:

You all know the goodness of sandal and the widely used turmeric for all your beauty treatments. Combining these two wonderful and natural products for your skin like a mask can give excellent glowing and supple skin with no extra effort and cost.

A few teaspoons of sandal paste and a few teaspoons of turmeric powder is all that is needed to make this  mask. Mix the two pastes with a bit of water and apply on your face and skin and leave for half an hour. Later wash your face with cold water and wipe of all traces of the mask. Your mirror will be the first one to compliment you on your looks and glowing skin.

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6. Sandal and Aloe Vera:

Both sandal and Aloe Vera have cooling properties. If you combine both these wonders, you can get a nice coolant or cooling mask for your skin and make it more breathable.

Freshly taken aloe juice mixed with sandal paste and applied on the face, makes your skin free of all the dark spots and also reduces the puffiness of your face. Make sure that you try this pack or paste at least once a week to get the best of the results.

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7. Sandal and Saffron:

You would be wondering, how certain ladies, don’t age at all and how they always manage to look beautiful. Here is the secret. You too can remain the same, if you use this pack or paste for your skin and remain an ageless and timeless beauty.

You need to have a few strands of saffron, which is soaked in warm milk and the paste or powder of sandal. This can be mixed with a few drops of rose water or lemon, according to your skin type and applied on your face regularly. You can also make your own beauty cream at home and apply it on a regular basis. Doing so, will get you compliments, wherever you go and definitely, many will start asking you the secret behind your charm and beauty.

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8. Sandal Powder and Neem Scrub:

The ancient science of ayurveda suggests neem also as a wonder herb to get rid of all the problems faced by your skin. Grind a handful of neem leaves and make a thick paste. To this you need to add either sandal paste or powder and bring it to a scrub form, which will be easy to apply on your face.

Once you apply the scrub or paste, make sure you allow it to sit on your face for atleast half an hour. Later, wash your face with cold water to remove the traces of the face mask. Using this scrub regularly ensures that your face is free of acne and pimples and that you have a glowing and shining skin.

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9. Sandal Paste and Honey:

The ever tasty honey not only helps you in weight management issues, but also in beauty treatments. Sandal paste when mixed with honey and applied on the skin regularly makes sure that your skin is free of black heads and blemishes. So, if you need a black head free face and glowing skin, you now have the remedy at hand.

10. Sandal Paste Scrub:

If you are a regular make up loving female and use all chemical laden products to dress you up, you need this scrub to bring back life to your skin. As you all know, exfoliation is an important beauty routine to get rid of the dead skin. To make this scrub you need a few teaspoons of sandal paste or powder, a few teaspoons of black chickpea powder, and a few tea spoons of turmeric.

You need to mix all these three powders evenly, with a few drops of either almond oil or any other essential oil or even lemon juice and apply it on the face evenly. Once the paste or scrub starts drying, you need to wash your face thoroughly. Make sure you don’t use hot water to cleanse your face, lest it further closes the pores. Using this scrub regularly ensures that your skin remains dirt free and chemical free and it shines forever.

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11. Sandal Paste and Papaya mash:

No matter how well you take care of your skin in your teens, you will definitely find a change in your skin texture once you cross your thirties. This is a natural change and it is in your hands to regain and retain the youthfulness of your skin even in your mid thirties.

For this, you need a paste of sandal and a few pieces of papaya fruit. Papaya too, prevents ageing in a natural way. You need to mash a few pieces of papaya to which sandal paste is added and a few drops of lemon or honey is mixed. Apply this on your face and allow it to rest for half an hour. Later wash your face as usual. Doing this beauty treatment for your skin will ensure that your skin remains healthy and as it was in your teens. You can be for sure, that you will end as a competitor for your teenage daughter.

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12. Sandal Paste and Mint:

Mint is a widely used herb, not only in India but world over. Its enchanting aroma, lends a distinguishing taste to any dish made out of it. Dishes like salads and chutney can be made all the more tangy and tasty with the use of mint leaves.

Apart from its use in cooking, it can also be used in beauty treatments too. A few leaves of mint have to be taken and grounded coarsely, so that the juice of mint is extracted. In case you are not able to extract the juice, you can use mint oil too. Mint oil and sandal paste has to be mixed thoroughly and evenly applied on your face. Doing this regularly ensures that your face and skin is free of pimples and rashes and it shines like gold.

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So, these were few very easy and effective home remedies using sandal paste to get rid of all your skin related problems and to make your skin flawless and glowing forever.