Connect Your Thumb With The Little Finger, If You Can See This...

Connect Your Thumb With The Little Finger, If You Can See This Tendon, It Means Something Very Special

After many evolutionary steps since past 200,000 years in animals and humans, we are what we are today. These developments can be still seen in us, because there are many marks on us which can be said to be much more than just our body hair growth. Not exaggerating, but even today, we can find fundamentals of the so-called humans of the ancient times.Try and visit a Natural History museum in your city, where you would come across remainders and fossils of many animals and humans, who portrays many evolutionary advances throughout their time that was spent on earth.

While going through this article, you would discover some of the remarkable and fascinating evidences which are left in us from the distant past:

The tendon of our wrist:

To discover this unknown fact, simply place your hands on the table and draw you palms in upward direction. Then, connect your thumb with your little finger and raise your fist a little. Can you see tendons visible? Well, for some people, it might not be present, but those who can see it must be wondering why is it formed?

Let me tell you, the reason of its formation is due to the Palmaris longus tendon muscle which is located right between your wrist and your upper arms. To move your wrist, this muscle is no longer required today because in almost 13% of the entire population worldwide, this tendon is not visible.

The most amazing thing is that, this muscle contributes to 0% in the strength of any person and there lies no unfavourable effect on anybody’s health, except visually. 10-15% of the people who don’t have these tendons, are on their journey to evolution. And those who possess them, have learned a bit about their ancestral past and they don’t have to purchase the ticket to a Natural History Museum to learn about their past.

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The pink spot in the corner of your eyes:

We all notice the pink spot in the corner of our eyes, but, do we know why it is present? It can be seen in reptiles also, only when their eyes are closed, and is usually said as their third eyelid. It acts as a protective layer for their eyes. But in humans, it has no function and can be noticed in almost everyone. Earlier it was said, that this pink spot protects our eyes from any dust but now since we have eye-lashes, it is no longer considered to be the protection layer of our eyes.

Wiggling Ears:

There is a small bump on the top corner of our ears, which is termed as Darwin’s tubercle. Kids generally love to wriggle in the ears, because they consider it as a joke and make the other person laugh aloud. But earlier, it was considered to have a major function in improving the hearing sensitivity. They were able to locate any sounds in their surroundings and prepare themselves well in advance for any danger coming up. This is no longer an important function in current date, as it has just become a mode to laugh and make people laugh. Since our ears now have many muscles within it, so we really don’t require them for our hearing aid as much as many other species do. Now, this characteristic is only found in cats.

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Wisdom Tooth:

Did you get a wisdom tooth and had to get it removed? Wisdom tooth is popularly known as ‘akkal jad’ has just become a hilarious thing to discuss as there is no visible benefit of it, and only appears to bother and trouble us. You must be wondering that if there is no benefit of this wisdom tooth, then why do they appear. Well, its answer is hidden in a past history, where people before eating vegetarian and gluten free food, used to consume more of grass roots, meats and nuts which required extra tooth for more chewing. But, in present scenario, our foods have been replaced with lighter and softer food, which requires less chewing and hence, even our jaws became smaller. So, the presence of wisdom tooth or their absence does not matter to our living style.

We can find wisdom tooth in gorillas too because they are vegetarians, but in monkeys and majority of primates, they are absent.

Body Hair and Goose Bumps:

Nowadays, women spend ample amount of money to get rid of their body hair, simply because they don’t want them. And it’s true that we all get goose bumps when we feel cold, exited, sexually aroused or when we get scared. But, what causes these goose bumps to appear? The answer is goose bumps allow our body to store more heat and often alert the attackers that you can get dangerous and scarier.

Now, we have clothes to keep us warm, but earlier body hair helped to keep the people warm and whenever they had goose bumps, they could retain more heat in the surface area of their skin. Whenever they were feared by animals or others, goose bumps made their hair stand straight and make the person look scarier and larger. Now, since there are no cave people existing in our lives to scare us, there is no requirement of any body hair. It is visible in domestic cats and many animals.

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Appendix is found in the middle of large and small intestine and its function is 0% when it comes to digesting our food. Earlier people used to consume more of plants and roots, and appendix helped them to store food and get them digested, but now, it just causes trouble to us when it gets infected or swollen, which leads to cause us with appendicitis.


Many years ago, people had tails, and coccyx which is termed as tailbone, is made of up fused or separate 3-5 vertebrae. A fetus develops a tail which dies after a few weeks. Some of the new born babies have them which can be surgically removed, because coccyx has no real function in our body and is just a bothersome part.

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Palmar Grasp Reflex:

It must have sure come to your notice that whenever you touch the palms of a new born child, they will grab your fingers tightly, and the moment you rub the back of their hands, they will free the grip. Amazing, isn’t it? This is known as Palmar Grasp Reflex which is originated from the past. Many thousand years ago, when our ancestors who used to swing from tree to tree, made their kids hang on their feet or body hair and grip tightly.

Apart from these, there are many more facts about our body and our evolution. Such as, why are nipples present in men when they are totally not functional? Or, why hair grows in women’s underarms? Or, why don’t we have tail? Isn’t it exciting? Just imaging evolution made us look what we look today, but how would people look 5000 years later? Perhaps they will change a lot and would look like a monster. Isn’t it?

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