Amazing Drink: It Burns The Fat In Your Stomach 4X Faster, And...

Amazing Drink: It Burns The Fat In Your Stomach 4X Faster, And Helps You To Lose 15 KGS Within A Month

The hot topic for discussion, now a day in any parties, would be losing fat or weight reduction techniques. Weight gain is always the bone of contention for men and women alike. Obesity is the second largest disease next only to diabetes, which is giving doctors sleepless nights.There might be lots of gyms and spas, which have particular weight reducing techniques to help lose fat faster. But the tried and tested method of grandma’s medicines never goes out of vogue.We all know water is a wonder medicine for all diseases; water is the elixir of life. Consuming water is the best bet to stay healthy without any side effects.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing drinks that help in reducing belly fat, which is more effective than most of the other medicines available over the counter.

Plain Hot water:

In fact world over, many people have plain hot water as their first drink once they wake up in the morning. Consuming plain hot water, on an empty stomach, helps a person to get rid of his laziness and is also known to ease up bowel movements and give relief from constipation. Also, it is a great way to reduce the tummy or belly fat in a short span of time.

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Ice cold water:

Those who can’t stand hot water as the first thing in the morning can have a glass of ice cold water by sipping it slowly. Cold water relieves the thirst symptoms and also helps in reducing the belly fat quickly.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is another wonder drink, which is known to detoxify the body. As we all know lemons are filled with Vitamin C, which is very much essential to keep the body energetic the whole day. Drinking a glass of lemon juice made of warm water on a regular basis is definitely a good way of reducing belly fat.

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Pomegranate juice:

Pomegranates are known to give high energy and also help in increasing the blood levels of a person. The juice of pomegranate too has its own benefits. It is known to help in weight loss or reducing the fat around the tummy in a very quick and short time. Consuming a glass of pomegranate juice everyday for a month is known to give a flat tummy for sure and also helps in weight reduction.

Ginger Drink or Juice:

Ginger as we all know is an integral part of cooking, be it Indian cuisine or international one. It is also used as a medicine for various ailments right from alleviating common cold to arrest severe hair fall. Ginger juice is also helpful in combating weight loss issues. Adding a few drops of freshly grated ginger juice along with a few leaves of mint to a glass of warm water and consuming it on an empty stomach can really do wonders in getting rid of stubborn belly fat.

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Cumin Juice:

Cumin is another wonder remedy for getting rid of belly fat and it also helps in getting a flat tummy within a short span of time. To make cumin juice, cumin seeds have to be boiled in a glass of water and filtered. To this filtered cumin water, half a juice of lemon has to be added along with a spoonful of honey. This drink or juice is known to improve digestion and also helps in dissolving the stored fat.

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink:

We all have been hearing the proverb, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, like wise apple cider vinegar consumed on a regular basis helps in combating stubborn fat accumulated around the tummy. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, combined with a pinch or half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper is known to give wonderful results for getting a flat tummy.

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Cucumber Juice:

As cool as cucumber is the saying which goes with any person who has a cool head. Likewise, those who want to have a flat tummy can also opt for cucumber juice. Juice made of freshly grated cucumber along with a few mint leaves, to which a pinch of either rock salt or black salt is added, makes for a great energy drink during summers; apart from burning tummy fat effectively and quickly.

Coriander Juice:

Juice made of freshly plucked coriander is also known to give tummy fat a big relief and that too quickly. To prepare this juice, a few drops of lemon juice along with water and coriander leaves have to be blended well with the help of a blender and consumed on an empty stomach. This juice is also known to help keep bad breath at bay.

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Green Tea:

The ever beneficial green tea is also known to help fight stubborn fat around the belly. Green tea made with warm water and consumed on an empty stomach every morning will show amazing results and helps in getting a flat tummy faster.

Orange Juice:

Like lemons, oranges are also abundant in Vitamin C. Consuming orange juice made with warm water, along with a spoon of honey is known to have beneficial and visible results in getting a flat tummy in a short span of time. This juice has to be consumed on an empty stomach daily for a period of one month for quick results.

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Hot chocolate Drink:

Having hot chocolate drinks regularly also helps in shedding fat around the tummy and helps in getting a flat tummy. Since chocolates are known to have anti oxidants, they are known to keep hunger at bay, which in turn helps in gaining a flat tummy quickly. Apart from helping in getting flat tummy, chocolate drink is also known to reduce the appetite there by helping to curb the need for binge eating, which is the main cause of obesity.

Mixed Vegetable Soup:

Consuming mixed vegetable soup is another good way of keeping the tummy in a flat and enviable shape. Making soup from mixed vegetables not only makes for a delicious drink, but is also a nutritious one too.

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Vegetable Juices:

If vegetable soups are made out of cooked veggies, vegetable juices are made of raw vegetables. Raw vegetable juices also help in getting flat tummy, if consumed very regularly. A pinch of black salt and sugar and a dash of lime juice along with water can be added to this juice to enhance the taste.

Black coffee:

Consuming black coffee is another tried and tested method to get rid of stubborn tummy fat. As the name goes, this coffee has to be plain and prepared only with water and no sugar or milk has to be added to it. Black coffee is known to give instant energy and keep the metabolism rate very high.

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Yogurt Based smoothies:

Smoothies on the whole are a very good thing for health. When smoothies are made from yogurt instead of milk, the health benefits almost double, as this helps in reducing belly fat and helps in getting a flat tummy for sure. Yogurt is rich in calcium and it gives the body the essential strength and energy. The only caution which needs to be taken while having yogurt based smoothies is that, no extra topping of sugar has to be put, or else the whole purpose of reducing tummy fat will go for a toss.

So, these were few amazing drinks which help you lose the unwanted fat within a short span of time and give you a perfect shape. What are you waiting for? Try them out now!

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