Guidance to understand your newborns look right after delivery.

Guidance to understand your newborns look right after delivery.

This is how newborn look like

For a mother her new born child is the most priceless treasure she can have in her hands, and the moment that time arrives when she holds her new born baby the world for her totally changes. Just like every other expecting mom, are you wondering how your newborn baby will look like? Well, the baby may not look exactly as you expected her to be soon after birth as the baby has just descended  from your womb and will definitely take a couple of days to look like the baby you dreamed of.

There are few things which you may see in your new born child which may look weird to you but don’t be alarmed or surprised if your baby has pink skin, elongated head, puffy eyelids or a distended nose as the newborn has spent over 12 hours in the birth canal, and it needs some time to straighten up and. So mommies, here are the answers to all your questions about your baby’s looks! But at the end the looks would surely change with time. You would be able to accept the change within few days as first like any other person your child would look strange to you, but everybody goes through this transuition time when things start changing in their environment after being new parents.


But just have one thing clear that the physical changes of your child would be for sure without any doubt and if there are any complications you can always take advice from your padetrician. Your child is your life to understanding him or her with the changes is vital of being a parent, just don’t be scared love them as the more you love the more they become happy and healthy.

Initial Looks Of A Newborn

Don’t get alarmed if your baby looks like a tiny ET soon after birth.

  • Newborns will generally have a big head,
  • a very short neck or no neck,
  • short limbs and
  • a big distended nose because they have spent an average of 10-12 hours squeezing through the birth canal and also spent a long time crammed up in your womb.
  • While babies born through natural delivery can have a slightly pointed head, babies born by C-section generally have rounded heads and that’s because the heads don’t have to squeeze out through the birth canal.
  • The baby’s skull may also have a few soft spots known as fontanels and these spots help in compressing the head while moving out of the birth canal. These fontanels are completely normal and will get harder in a few months. It usually takes about 4 months for the rear frontanelle to close where as the front frontanelle can take anywhere between 9-18 months to close.
  • Apart from the head, the baby’s genitals can also appear bigger or swollen due to the extra hormones, it has received from the mother just before birth.
  • The eyes and face can also look somewhat swollen or puffy for a couple of days.
  • The lips will be pink and the hands and feet have a bluish tinge during the first few hours after birth.

Some of the important points which can help you to understand the look of your new born are as follows,


  • During delivery the head bone takes a longitude she so that it can easily come out from the vaginal open, so this is the main reason that new born babies have a sort of long heads which looks very weird. But with time and growth it takes the normal shape when the bones again regenerate to the new form
  • Another reason for such a shape of head is during labor the pressure which a mother gives for delivery swells the baby’s head like the pressure from the pelvic or viginal motuh, so after a new born is born with a day the swelling goes and the head would take a normal shape again.

The Texture And Type Of Newborn’s Skin

a-gyerkocok-szeretik-a-masszazstThe skin of the new born baby can vary depending upon  your pregnancy term-

Premature babies

generally have transparent looking, thin skin covered with  fine downy hair called lanugo. In addition to this, premature babies can also have a covering of vermix, a white greasy substance that shields the body from the amniotic fluids in the womb.

  • Babies born on or after full term can have a a few white patches of vermix over the skin and have very little to nil lanugo. The skin is the most sensitive protion of the body so a new born’s skin would change with time.


There are many reasons that their skin is so sensitive or has feckless or may even seem to be very dry. This is due to the contact with the atmosphere as the protected shield of the womb keeps the skin soft. Also many of the babies have a strong influence of the chemical named  bilirubin which gives the dry look. But with time and proper care of food and healthy habits this chemical slowly goes out of the body through the stool of the child and the skin can again recover to it’s original texture.

Newborns can also have a few birth marks that can be temporary  off colored skin patches or permanent marks. Some babies are also born with tiny white spots on the face  called milia and they disappear over time. Both birth marks and milia are very common in babies and it is nothing to be worried about.

Newborn Baby’s Hair

The color of your baby’s hair may not be the same as your hair or your partner’s hair and be prepared for some surprise. Since the baby also carries the genes of your former generations, it is highly possible to have  different hair color. In fact, there have been cases where  a dark haired couple had a blonde or red haired baby. Coming to the baby’s hair texture and baldness, there is no guarantee that a baby will be born with hair or not or how it will eventually turn out to be. Dark haired babies can eventually get blonde hair or vice versa, and there is no telling on the texture of the hair too.


If your baby is completely bald during birth, there is no sure way of telling what color hair he might develop eventually. Some babies also have very thick and dark hair but with age new hair would again come out in a new way, as the birth hair always falls as those are the initial hair buds which come with birth. The actual hair is after few months. So preferably the birth hair should be cut or shaved for better growth of texture. Sometimes children are born bald, but not to worry the hair bids do not grow so well with all, but with time and care these kids would have the best hair of all.

New Born’s Eyes

42-35361506-(1)A new born baby’s eye color can vary from blue, brown, hazel or green and  you may not be able to know for sure  their true eye color during the first few months. The color of the eye seen during the first few hours after birth doesn’t last long as their exposure to sunlight  can change the initial eye color. The real eye color can develop only after 6 months to 1 year. In rare cases a baby can also have two different eye colors. The new born’s eyes are the most sensitive with the new bright lights  around them when they are born.

Also there is a secretion which is regular when the child opens their eyes for the first time. It is the fluid which protects there eyes when in the womb, so you should not be bothered by it as with the passing time this fluid would stop flowing as the eyes would get accustomed to the light and the new environment they are exposed to.


As parents you will be all excited and curious to know how your baby may look like, but don’t be amused or disheartened if your baby doesn’t match the image you have created in your mind. All newborn babies are born with scanty or no hair, big features, short necks, puffy eyes, pink lips, etc. and will take a couple of  days to look like your dream baby.

Nevertheless, newborns are also extremely adorable and cute in their first few days. So be ready for a few surprises and cherish your little one’s first  few hours of life! Being parents of a new born is a challenge for any parent but with them you too grow and learn few more interesting facts about life which you may not be able to understand even if you would not have them in your life.


So with the birth of your child and their changing physical and emotional attributes in daily life would make you so much more considerate and mature which would help you in the furue while they are growing up.