How To Calm A Crying Baby?

How To Calm A Crying Baby?

crying-baby (Small)Babies are adorable when they are in a playful mood. It is the best thing in the world when you can play with babies. But this can be a nightmare when they cry and cannot be soothed at all. This can be a task for the parents or the nanny to calm a crying baby and put them to sleep or make them busy with something else. But for babies they cannot communicate with us until they cry which may be due to many different reasons.


They cry when they are hungry or are sleepy or may have some kind of a pain like stomach ache. It can be a task initially about why is your baby crying until you interpret the main reason for their cry. This article will highlight the reasons for which babies cry and how can we calm and soothe them.

Hunger strikes babies

baby-girl-and-her-cake-jpgWhen a baby cries the first thing that comes to our mind is that the baby might be hungry. This can sooth them easily but we should try to understand the time they would actually need the feed. This way we will be ahead of time and be able to make the babies cry lesser. There are chances that we may not be able to gauge the actual reason the baby is crying for. Even after we feed them they still cry and may not be hungry.

If we closely observe we will understand a pattern that babies follow when they are hungry. This can be like sucking their lips or turning their head to suck your hands when you touch their cheeks or even by sucking their own hands if they are able to. Many babies are able to manage their hunger for some time and may not cry. This is also an opportunity for you to understand and your baby is hungry and may need feed.


Stomach Ache

This is one thing that may worry you or may even give you nightmare. At such an occasion babies may cry for constant hours during the day. There can be colic or gas in the stomach which can be disturbing the baby. You might have just fed the baby and she may have started to cry. This can be a sign of the baby having a terrible stomach ache. You as parents can get panic and may use over the counter anti gas drops or gripe water as well. However none of these techniques have been fruitful.

But the most important point is to get an approval from your doctor so that you may do these home remedies to your baby. You can also make the baby sick even more if these do not suit them which none of us might want. If you know the reason is gas then make the baby lie down on their stomach and hold their legs to make them move in a bicycle motion. With the gas being passed they will feel good and may stop crying.

Make the baby Burp after meals

blog-4-baby-eatThe other reason that your baby is crying is when they are not able to burp and get the excess air out. When babies breast feed they tend to take in air while sucking. This can also happen when they bottle feed but the main point being that they have air in their stomach needs to be removed in some way. This can be done by making them burp after they feed. This will help them to get the air out of their stomach. Many babies are constantly disturbed about air in their tummy which need to be relieved as soon as possible. This can be done by giving them some tummy time or by rubbing their back or carrying them and taking rounds to make them feel relaxed.


Diaper call

Babies usually are in diapers almost all day. Diapers can actually hold almost 10 hours at a stretch but babies may not. There are many babies that cannot bear a dirty diaper at all and cry to make us know that it is time to change the diaper. But some babies can stay for long with a dirty diaper as well. So the next time your baby is crying and is not hungry or constipated then you can try and check the diaper and get relieved of their crying.

Sleep time

baby-full-month-packages-should-be-planned-before-the-baby-is-bornBabies usually sleep on their own when they are tired. But this can just be a myth. They may cry even louder when they wish to sleep and may not be able to dose off on their own. This can also be when they are overtired and may not have the energy to sleep on their own or may not know how to react in such a situation. This is the time when we as parents should try to make them sleep in a pattern which will be useful for future as well.


Hold them tight

Babies have a great sense of connection with their parents and they want them to be besides at all times. They understand your smell, your voice, your heartbeat and want you to be close to them when they need you. Babies at times need cuddling and this makes them feel secure and helps them to calm themselves.

Feeling hot or cold

best-baby-boy-namesBabies cannot speak and explain about them feeling cold or hot. But they may give you signs that they are feeling cold when you try to change their clothes or clean them with a cold wipe and they protest by crying out loud. Babies like to stay warm at all times and can resist up to one more layer of clothing than the normal ones. Since they cannot verbally complain about them being too cold or hot they express it by crying out loud.


Pain in the teething or while teething

Babies bear a lot of pain as they are not able to express their feelings apart from crying. This stops us from treating them with the right remedy. Teething is one such thing. Babies get their first teen between 4-7 months or earlier as well. The teeth pushes right through the soft gums and it pains real hard to them. This is the time when they may cry out loud and you will need to calm them. If you feel their gums you might see a hard nub coming out which pains them.

Not keeping well

cryingbaby2Babies cry in different ways and it can be gauged as to what is the cry for. SO if you see that the cry of your baby is not the regular one where he/she is hungry or sleepy and is something different then do make sure to check if they have fever or not and rule this option out. Also if you sense something is wrong trust your instincts and call a doctor or visit one immediately.


All things don’t work

There are times when everything is right. Your baby is well fed, completely dry, is warm, not cranky, has slept well, does not have fever but still is crying. This is the time when you would have to understand what the reason for this cry is. It is something which comes from within and can be understood by the parents in a jiffy. So give it a shot and calm your baby.

Needs to change the environment

670px-Keep-a-Baby-Entertained-Step-1Babies are moody at times and need to change their current environment. They may get bored of where they currently are and may want to change or go out to get some fresh air. So try this option take your baby out for a walk or for a ride. You can even make a group of mother and babies of your age and hang around in the neighborhood. This will make the baby less cranky and try to mingle and get social as well.


All these points will make you understand why your baby cries and how should you calm them and put them to sleep or make them busy. Babies are very easy going when you know what your baby needs. This can be a cake walk if you analyses your baby’s moves and can remember them. It will be helpful to you and make them enjoy their time as well. If you have mastered the way to pacify your baby then you will have a joy ride with them. It is going to be some of the best moments that you will cherish for your life.