Is It Safe For My Child To Watch 3D Movies And Video...

Is It Safe For My Child To Watch 3D Movies And Video Games?

maxresdefaultVisual entertainment has become a part of life. It is difficult to imagine life without some sort of electronic device either to entertain or keep us informed on what is happening around the world. The Internet age has brought forth any information we can think up, available on our devices within seconds. 3D Movies and Video Games are easily available either on Cable TV or Internet based devices. Children growing up in the 90’s didn’t really have access to the plethora of content that we have now.

In comparison to adults, Kids nowadays are much better informed than adults on the latest technologies available for Visual Entertainment. Due to the easy availability of these devices at home it is difficult to keep children away from them. At times parents tend to share these devices with their children from an educational viewpoint. In today’s fast paced world parents hardly have time to spend with their children hence at times parents do share these devices with children to find time for their own activities.

When it comes to children, various forms of Visual entertainment bring its own set of benefits and concerns for parents and care takers. Most widely used forms of visual entertainment for children are games and movies. Games have always been part of a child’s physical and mental entrainment however now it has also shifted to the Games being played on various electronic devices as opposed to games being played in a more physical environment before.

Likewise Story telling has always been a part of a child’s development. Knowledge was being passed down from parents to their children in the form of stories. Nowadays movies have taken over the role of storytelling.

So it becomes very important to understand the pros and cons of these modern day marvels.


Video Games and 3D Movies can be beneficial for children:-


  1. Some studies have proved that Video Games can make kids smarter. It was noticed that Kids playing video games were doing much better in math’s and sports in comparison to kids who don’t play video games at all. Video Games improves the ability to think for a solution and it also improves hand to eye coordination. Educational video games can greatly improve language skills and overall knowledge as well.
  2. 3D Movies are easily available off the internet and on Cable TV. Like in the case of Video Games it can be helpful for kids if it’s educational in nature. Movies specifically made for children can inspire and educate them on the realities of life or simply entertain them.

Concerns over indulgence to Video Games and 3D Movies

  1. Children often don’t realize that some of these videos and Games are far from reality and parents fail to make them understand these things.
  2. As we have it with every other thing in this world, overindulgence to anything can have its own set of problems. Spending too much time playing video games can eat in to time reserved for other critical activities like studying, eating on time and even sleeping. Self-inflicted sleep deprivation is unhealthy and leads to loads of health related problems.
  3. Continuous exposure to bright lights from these devices can hamper vision and it can also lead to insomnia (Lack of Sleep).
  4. Another aspect of these games would be the content.If the content is sexual in nature or if it shows gruesome scenes then it can greatly alter a child’s behavior. Video game manufactures are always trying to change content in order to ensure robust sales. And graphic content always is easier to sell. But often violent content can have psychological bearing on a child’s mind.

A parent should take great interest in their child’s day to day activities. An Individuals personality is carved during childhood and hence a child’s positive upbringing can greatly influence them.If Parents don’t take interest it can have a long term impact on the child’s behavior. Children are like sponges, at a young age they grasp anything and everything that comes their way. Parents should be moderators and filter out everything that is going to hamper a child’s development.

Responsibility of ensuring that our children are benefited from these modern day marvels completely lies with the parents or caretakers. Parents often try to distance themselves if their children falter. They should hold themselves completely responsible for their child’s upbringing and spend quality time to ensure they are brought up with the right set of values.

Listed below are some methods that can greatly help parents in nurturing their kids


3D Movies with educational and recreational content:-

91dlxs30sfl-_sl1500_A Surplus of educational videos is available on the internet that can teach kids everything from basics of language to mathematics. Movies with recreational value can be a stress buster and open up a child’s imagination. A parent must spend time to do some research and make these videos available for their children. Most of these videos are also available for free; however paid videos can be of better quality and content. One can even save these videos for offline viewing.

Parental control tools:-

6a00d83451b82e69e200e54f758These applications are available on almost all devices. With these tools one can control the type of content one can view. Parental control software is available for most of the internet based devices and offers a wide range of options for filtering net content using password authentication. They are constantly updated to block any new games or videos that can be unsuitable for children.

These tools are also available on modern television sets. One can easily password protect certain channels depending on the content. Some Cable TV operators have inbuilt software in the set top box that can password protect channels.


Daily Schedules: –

Games and 3D Videos with the right content needs to be a part of their activities however it must be done under moderation. Parents should maintain daily timetables for their children and ensure its being followed religiously. The right balance in these daily activities can have a positive impact in them. Too much of time devoted to studies is not good; children must also spend time on recreational activities to ensure they are not stressed out with too much of studies.

Conversations with children: –

downloadChildren must be taught to identify facts from fiction. Many 3D movies of a recreational nature are not at all close to reality; hence parents must spend time making their kids understand these things. Also bullying is common on the internet since games nowadays have multiplayer options. Kids can get bullied on the internet which can in turn lead to behavioral problems.

3D Movies with unsuitable type of content for children can damage a child’s personality. Parents must engage their kids in open and honest conversations on how these devices can benefit them or if not used judiciously hamper them. If parents are not having the right kind of conversation with their children many issues will remain unsolved and will have a negative impact on them.


Watch out for those Signs: –

children-watch-out-school-sign-k-2029Parents must keep an eye out for warning signs. A child under stress due to too much of Video games or movies or if they are exposed to improper content can become disconnected from others and also develop health problems like unexplained weight loss/gain and Insomnia.  Children also become short tempered and cranky. Parents must quickly identify these problems and try and plug them at the earliest. They must also seek for professional help if the need arises.

To sum it up times have become more challenging for both parents and children. Pressure to perform has increased and that too at a very early age. 3D movies and Games are a part of every child’s life. Denying children access to these things is not good at all, and moderation is the key. Setting priorities for the family is certainly a parent’s responsibility.

Kids at a young age cannot tell right from wrong and hence need to be guided till they reach maturity. One will definitely encounter disappointments but the objective needs to be clear. Not everyone is the same hence one may need to change tactics depending on the situation.

One must take conscious and timely decisions for the betterment of their kids. If kids are not using these modern day tools, a parent must spend time and start including them gradually in to their child’s life. And if kids are getting negatively influenced then they should try and figure out ways and means to get them back to normalcy.

Every parent wants the best for their children and would go out of the way to buy them the best stuff available, but at times they can get carried away and forget that they are dealing with children who are not as prepared as they are to deal with the issues that can arise. No parent can be classified as good or bad.

What matters is that you are available when your child needs you the most. Kids cannot really tell when they need help. It’s completely upon the parents to understand their child’s needs and become available at the earliest. In today’s competitive world it can at times be difficult to find time, however one must set their priorities straight.

One may be able to find another job or start another business however family cannot be changed. They will remain the same right till the end. One can ignore family and be successful in their professional life however if children stray in the wrong direction it will be very difficult to bring them back. The internet age has been a blessing for the mankind. Access to Information, Entertainment and communicating with each other has never been this easy and fast.

But it has also become a curse due to a multitude of different reasons. Parents must try their best to try and reap the benefits while at the same time keeping a tab to avoid abuse. The idea is to embrace technology and use them to your full advantage or we may get left behind and it will be too little or too late before awareness sets in.