What Does Your Lip Colour Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Lip Colour Say About Your Health?

aid2511322-728px-Get-Pink-Lips-Step-2Bullet2Lips can be a very big window that give a glimpse of the current health scenario. Not all have same coloured lips. This can be surprising but it is true that developments in the lip can actually hint or indicate developments in your health.

Colour is an important symbol for decoding such symbols. Let’s realize what colour says what about your health and lips.

Colour #1- Dry and dull colour lip

The lip can be extremely dry and dull like there is no moisture on it. Such lips can develop crack like structures on both ends of the lips. This phenomenon occurs when the body isn’t sufficiently hydrated. Water is obtained through lips (mouth) and lack of lustre or moisture in lips means you aren’t consuming sufficient amount of water for your body.


Colour #2- Dark brown and black

The lips can be slightly dark particularly in the sides and may appear brownish or black in colour. Only patches of pink or red colour lips can be identified in such cases. This is a typical case for chain smoking. Film stars, actors and celebrities who are addicted to smoking (heavily, chain smokers) spend several dollars every month (some in fact every day) to maintain their lips.

Smoke, which is emitted from the mouth, comes in contact with the lips. The smoky elements which are grey or black in colour (based on the brand one smokes!) tend to form a layer on top of the lips.

This layer gives a brownish/black colour to the lips, which is hardly appealing. So, the colour of lips can help in determining the smoking status of an individual.

Colour #3- Pale pink, grey and white

The lips can be pale pink, grey or even white. These colours are truly indication for danger. One who has this colour lips should immediately get a test for anaemia done. Such people may have shortage of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Such people might also have iron deficiency and can be basically be termed as malnourished.

These individuals need to consume good and healthy food on a consistent basis. A visit to doctor for check-ups every 3-4 months is also for people with white coloured lips. Early diagnosis can help in better care.

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Colour #4- Dark red

You might have a dream of having shining and bright red colour lips which eventually do not require any lipstick to look great. However, after knowing the reason or indication for red lips, you would never want to have them. Bright red lip colour indicates ill health of liver and spleen. Bad breath and consistent food cravings in shorter intervals are some common problems these people are likely to face.

Consume fibre rich diet and immediately get a diagnosis of liver and spleen. Follow the instructions of the doctor and recover health of spleen and liver. Healthy eating habits, better lifestyle and abundant consumption water can prove extremely beneficial.


Colour #5- Tint of purple or green

Many young children are often seen with a tint of purple or green colour lips. Purple or green lips are not a great indication and they emphasize on immediate consultant of a doctor. Such lip colours indicate concerns relating to the respiratory system of the body. Additionally, they also symbolize ill-health of the heart. Immediate doctor consultation is a must in these scenarios.

Colour #6- Dark red with black shades

Dark red with some black shades or patches indicates poor functioning of digestive system. Digestive system of such people might be extremely stressed and burdened due to their eating habits or lifestyle. Such individuals might be junk food addicts or might be carving away from home due to different reasons.

However, this again is a bad health sign, which needs recovery. Emphasize on improving your diet and adding elements like curd, banana, lemon juice, etc., which are known to be very good for digestion. Boycott junk food and foods with excessive fat & oil to adopt the best lifestyle. Add exercise and yoga for larger benefits.

Colour #7- Dark red/purple outline for your lips

Your lips might have a red or purple colour outline around it. This symbolizes in-appropriation of energy in the body. Your body might feel low in energy levels very often even with small quantum of work. This illness is reflected by purple or red outlines on your lips.

The rectification for this phenomenon is quite simple. One should emphasize on consuming energy foods which include several beneficial fruits and dry fruits. Almond is one great nut you would love to have at this stage.

Colour 8#- Perfect pink just like a rose

Well, the lips were bound to be rosy pink naturally. People who have well maintained physique and a healthy lifestyle have a perfect pink coloured lips just like petals of the rose. Not many people around us can actually replicate the perfect pink lips. This truly indicates how our lifestyle is shaping our health and our future.

Many people however, have shades of pink colour which are pretty close to the perfect pink. They can surely be motivated towards perfect pink by tweaking their lifestyle a little to become perfect. People who have completely different lip colours (7 other colours) as discussed need not worry too.


Get the perfect lips!

Some people have hereditary issues which lead to unique/different lip colours. While some have certain disorders as discussed in regards to the 7 colours that lead to such colour outputs. If you want to carry great looking adorable lips with you even without the need for a lipstick or makeup, you shall adopt a great lifestyle.

The work lifestyle and daily commitments make it difficult but not impossible. If you desire something, you will surely create means for it. The same applies for lovely rosy pink lips. If you need them badly you need to alter your lifestyle in such a way that you are healthy and fit. If you have rosy pink lips maintain yourself and don’t lose the bliss of the creator!